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Big Bass!!

Another Shot of Liams Bass

September proved to be a difficult month to get out on the water. Whenever we had a day off from working in the shop, the wind seemed to be blowing too much to get out for a session. In Cornwall we are very much at the mercy of the prevailing Atlantic weather systems and can often go weeks and weeks without being able to get out on the water….frustrating! A break in the persistent winds finally came along although there was still a good amount of swell hitting the coast.




We headed down to the launch spot in West Cornwall and were greeted by glorious sunshine, light winds but the swell was very much present with a good 6ft+ rolling in. The launch is fairly sheltered from the swell so we got out with no problems. The plan was to fish with lures over and around reefs and rough ground in the hope of catching some hard fighting Pollack, with the possibility of some Bass.

I would be paddling the RTM Rytmo Angler and Andrew opted to give his legs a workout on the Hobie Revolution 13. We headed out to the mark using the fish finder to locate the best ground and likely fish holding spots. That’s the beauty of having a fish finder – you can very much pin point where you put your bait or lure to give yourself the best chance of catching a fish. I have the Raymarine Dragonfly 5-Pro installed on the Rytmo and the Down Imaging mode shows up the bottom really well.

Now, when you haven’t been on the water for many weeks you like to think that you have built up some sort of backlog of fish ready to catch! Well, on the very first cast all those fish points came along in the shape of one fish. I had cast my Savage Gear Sandeel lure towards some lively moving water and almost straight away a fish hammered the lure! My light lure rod was hooped over and the fish taking line… it definitely felt like a good fish! After a few minutes of hard fighting a silver shape appeared from the depths… it was a Bass and a good one! I soon had it in the foot well and knew it was a Personal Best. It weighed in at 7lb 13oz and 70cm in length!


A new PB Bass for Liam - Cornwall Canoes
A new PB Bass for Liam – Cornwall Canoes

I was over the moon! Not bad for the first cast of the session. We continued to fish but the swell was getting bigger which made fishing more and more uncomfortable and the feeling of sea sickness started to make things worse. Despite the weather being glorious we held on for an hour before having to call it a day. No other fish were caught but the one that was certainly made up for it. It may be a while before I improve on that one but then again you never really know what may take your bait/lure on the next cast…that’s kayak fishing for you!


Andrew Fishing from the Hobie Revolution 13
Andrew Fishing from the Hobie Revolution 13


Liam and Andrew @ Cornwall Canoes