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Porbeagle Shark on a Kayak!

Liam with a Porbeagle Shark from a KayakCornwall Canoes staff member Liam decided to take his kayak fishing to the next level this week by catching a Porbeagle Shark from his kayak!  Fishing from his Hobie Revolution 16 kayak, Liam headed off the Cornwall coast and waited 6 hours before the fish found his bait.








The powerful shark towed the kayak around for 20 minutes before it was ready to unhook.


Catching a shark on a kayak
Liam battled the shark for 20 minutes!


The Porbeagle Shark is a close relative of the Great White shark, and has a fine set of teeth too… A real monster from the depths!


Porbeagle Shark beside kayak
The Porbeagle Shark has very sharp teeth!


Luckily a nearby boat, Bluefin Charters, was nearby and on hand to take photos. The Porbeagle Shark was estimated to weigh around 80lb and was too heavy to pull onto the kayak for a photo.


Porbeagle Shark Liam Kayak
The Porbeagle Shark was too heavy to pull onto the kayak!


After a few quick photos of the shark beside the kayak it was unhooked and released, swimming off strongly.


Porbeagle Shark caught by Liam
A few quick photos before the fish was unhooked and released


Catching large sharks from a kayak is no easy task, and a lot of effort and research went into catching this fish, along with several blanks and many miles covered on the water. Experience in handling sharks is very much essential when targeting sharks and Liam has caught many Blue Sharks previously from the boat, and also many Tope from the kayak, but this is his first Porbeagle Shark!


An incredible catch from the kayak!