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Introducing the new Hobie Mirage Compass

hobie-mirage-compass-bowHobie have released a brand new kayak model for 2018…. the Hobie Mirage Compass, and it looks great! The Compass combines aspects from the popular Revolution and Pro Angler hull designs, with a simplified deck outfitting for great performance at a great price. Well equipped with features, the Compass will certainly be popular with kayak fisherman and those wanting an all-round pedal kayak for touring. Take a look at this blog post for a brief overview of this new model….




The Mirage Compass – A new hull design

The Mirage Compass see’s Hobie introduce a completely new hull design. The Compass has been designed to be an all-rounder with a hull length of 12ft / 3.66m, and takes design inspiration and aspects from the popular Revolution series and the Pro Angler series. The bow end is sharp and sleek, very much like the Revolution, which will see the hull cut through the water with ease.

The bow of the Compass is based on the Revolution hull design

The mid-section and stern of the kayak are very much based on a Pro Angler hull, being wider with lots of stability and deck space. At its widest point the Compass is 34″ / 0.86m.

Hobie Mirage Compass Stern
The back end of the Mirage Compass is based on the stable hull of a Pro Angler

The hull looks great! It’s not going to be the fastest kayak on the block but it looks to have a nice balance between performance and stability which will certainly appeal to kayak anglers on both freshwater and saltwater.

Hull Shape of the Mirage Compass
The under hull of the Mirage Compass

Weighing in at a respectable 31kg fitted hull weight and 39kg fully rigged, the Compass is one of the lightest kayaks in the Mirage kayak range.

Hobie Mirage Compass Hull
The Compass hull brings a nice balance between performance and stability – perfect for fishing


Mirage Compass Features

The Compass comes well equipped with features to make this a comfortable kayak for fishing and general touring.

The Compass is powered by the Mirage Drive GT for hands-free propulsion on the water. This drive system features ‘Glide Technology’ with roller bearings at pivot points, for a smooth pedaling experience.

Hobie Mirage Drive GT
The Compass comes equipped with the Mirage Drive GT

The Compass comes complete with a retractable rudder system which is located beneath the stern. The rudder blade is lowered under gravity and retracted when the up-haul toggle is pulled within the foot well.

Hobie Mirage Compass Rudder
The Compass comes fitted with a retractable rudder system

Fingertip control is provided by the steering handle located beside the seat. Turning the Compass is easy!

Hobie Mirage Compass Steering Handle
The steering handle is located beside the seat for easy control of the Compass rudder

The Compass includes a mesh seat that has been optimally positioned for a comfortable fishing and pedaling position. There is space beneath the seat for tackle storage.

Hobie Mirage Compass Seat
A comfortable mesh seat comes supplied with the Compass

As with all Hobie Mirage Kayaks, the Compass comes supplied with a 2-piece fibre-glass paddle.

Mirage Compass Fibreglass Paddle
The Compass comes supplied with a lightweight fibre-glass paddle

There is plenty of storage space on this kayak, making it perfect for loading up with fishing gear and more for a day on the water. A large rear tank well will easily hold a storage crate such as the Hobie H-Crate, with more room to spare for your catch. There are also two moulded-in rod holders either side of the tank-well for carrying your fishing rods. Flat areas feature around the storage area which may come in useful for mounting additional accessories too.

Hobie Mirage Compass Tank Well
A huge tank well provides plenty of room for gear storage!

There is also another storage space on the bow, which features a bungee mesh cover to store items beneath.

Hobie Mirage Compass Front Mesh Storage
A mesh storage cover on the bow provides additional storage space on the Hobie Compass

In front of the seating area we find an 8-inch Twist-N-Seal hatch which is within easy reach whilst seated. This is handy for keeping items of gear close to hand whilst on the water, maybe fishing tackle or your lunch! Hobie do a range of storage buckets which are compatible with this hatch for gear organisation.

Hobie Mirage Compass Twist N Seal Hatch
A handy Twist-N-Seal hatch is found in front of the seat for keeping those important items close to hand

Hobie know that kayak fisherman love to customise their kayaks with various accessories to make their kayak into a more efficient platform to catch fish from. On the Compass they have made accessorising very easy with the addition of the all-new Hobie H-Track either side of the foot-well. These tracks are compatible with a number of track-based accessories from Yak Attack, Railblaza, Ram Mounts and Scotty. The tracks are located in a great place for the addition of a fish finder, additional trolling rod holders and camera mounts. Pimping the Compass couldn’t be easier! There are also plenty of other flat areas of deck where further accessories can easily be mounted.

Hobie Mirage Compass H-Track
The Compass features Hobie H-Track for easy accessory mounting

On the underside of the hull we find a Lowrance-Ready cover plate, beneath which is a transducer scupper. This makes fish finder installation neat and easy on the Mirage Compass.

Lowrance-Ready on the Mirage Compass
Fish finder transducer installation is easy with the Lowrance-Ready scupper recess


Initial Impressions

Hobie have come up with a very exciting kayak here. At 12ft long with a stable hull design, the Compass will certainly appeal to the kayak anglers who want an all-rounder with pedal power to take their fishing to the next level. It also fits the bill for those wanting a nice stable craft for touring and exploring too, and will be more than capable on both inland and coastal waters.

Whilst having a more simplistic outfitting than the rest of the Mirage Kayak range, the Compass has all the main features you need to get on the water. This kayak will particularly appeal to the fisherman out there with such additions as accessory H-Tracks, a large tank-well for storage, and a comfortable seat for long days on the water. Featuring the tried and tested Mirage Drive GT pedal drive, the Compass offers Hobie’s well-known performance for hands-free kayaking. Better still, the Mirage Compass has been introduced at a lower price point than the rest of the Mirage Kayak range, and is not too far away from the prices of top-end paddle kayaks. A well equipped and comfortable fishing/touring platform with pedal power, all at a great price… what’s not to like! With the Canoe Shops Group stores now offering Hobie Kayaks with 0% interest-free finance over 12 months, getting on the water with a Hobie has never been easier!

I will look forward to getting a Compass on the water to put it through it’s paces.


Liam @ Cornwall Canoes

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