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2015 update feelfree nomad sport

2015 Review update for the Feelfree Nomad Sport:

Roamer 1 (original Nomad) New Nomad and New Nomad with wheel are Tina Turner Kayaks – Simply The Best. The right plastic is used in their manufacture.

Where do we start with the Feelfree Nomad Review? Ok, a pretty picture is worth many words:

FeelFree Nomad being paddled by duffer

There are 2 base models of the Nomad, to which a wide variety of accessories can be added to suit your needs.

The Feelfree Roamer 1 features twin storage hatches, one at the bow and one at the stern. They are fitted with mesh bags to keep your kit within easy reach.

The Feelfree Nomad Sport features a single, centrally located storage hatch, also with a mesh bag. It also features side carry handles to help with transport.

A flat space is all you need to add a Scotty Rod holder, or a mount for your GPS plotter and before you know it you have kitted out your very own angling sit on top! You can also buy the Nomad Sport with flush mounted rod holders (see image, right).

Both models have plenty of anchor points so you can fit seats, leg straps or paddle leash, plus they make a useful place to attach a security line for a dry bag or camera case.

Feel Free Nomad Sport with side handles, optional seat


Why is the Feel Free Nomad and Roamer 1 so popular?

Feel Free Nomad Sit on Top Kayaks
  • We enjoy paddling the Nomad and Roamer 1 as much as we do selling them, and the Feelfree people are nice to work with.
  • They are easily paddled by inexperienced padlers and still a pleasure to paddle by all.
  • There is just enough skeg moulded into the hull to make the boat track well, but not so much as to make it unresponsive when turning.
  • There are many colours to choose from (too many in our view, making logistics a nightmare!) You can even get camouflage colours for birdwatchers and photographers to hide away on.
  • All the handles on the Nomad and Roamer 1 have been designed with the carrier in mind.
  • The strong scupper drain holes add to the strength of the boat.

And the list goes on.....

A bit of general blurb about Feel Free Nomads

Side Handles - The side handles work when Mr Muscle is top loading the kayaks single handed. They also work when our staff do headstands on the Nomads to demonstrate their stability (the kayak, not theirs!)

Bow Handle - The Bow handle is perfect and is another point to secure the kayak or tow it behind your motor boat (at a sensible speed of course!).

Wheel - We sell more Nomads without a wheel than with a wheel. The wheel is an extra cost and you really still need a trolley. I'm not a fan of the wheel on the Nomad Sport but I admit it has its place. The wheel works on hard ground, but not on soft or rough ground. Here you will need to carry the kayak or use a trolley (we sell those too). Beware the wheel when standing the boat on end ready to car top - turn the boat over first or the wheel become a skate! The wheel doesn't make the Nomad a wheelbarrow. Bring it back with a trashed wheel housing after wheeling the kids around on it and you will not get a refund. It's designed to carry the kayak only. We had one guy who towed his Nomad with his quad bike and melted the wheel housing - no refund!

Built in wheel available on Nomad Sport
Moulded bow handle
Moulded Side Handles
Wheel in the keel
Bow Handle
Side Handles

Canoe shops staff and family paddling the Feelfree Nomad Sport on the Cornish Coast


Paddling Experience - The images we have selected tell their own story. Feel Free Nomads are Recreational paddling at its best. Smaller paddlers will get on fine with any Nomad. The manufacturer tells us that the paddler could be up to 23 stone (150kg), but we think they're having a laugh. In our opinion 100kg is plenty for a Nomad. We have other models that we believe would suit a heavier paddler much better.

Surfing the Nomad - Nomads can be surfed badly by the likes of me, but it still has to be done. They surf reasonably well by those who can kayak surf properly. And those who can't will still have fun. If surfing is more important than recreational paddling then I would recommend you check out the Ocean Kayak Mysto.

Riding the surf on a Nomad Sport

See the world in another perspective from the comfort of a Feel Free Nomad


The Britannia Royal Naval College - Dartmouth using our range of Feelfree kayaks including the Nomad Sport.

Britannia Royal Navel College kayaking on the feelfree nomad sport Britannia Royal Navel College using feelfree kayaks Britannia Royal Navel College canoeing on feelfree sit on tops
Britannia Royal Navel College using feelfree kayaks Britannia Royal Navel College in Dartmouth kayaking on feelfree sit on top kayaks feelfree kayaks being paddled by the navy at the Britannia Royal Navel College


The Feel Free Nomads are versatile sit on top kayaks. There are a range of accessories that can be added to make the paddling experience all the more enjoyable.

Seats/backrests are a popular accessory. A simple canvas backrest gives you something to brace against and stops you sliding around the boat. Don't lean back in it - that's not what it's for. When you're paddling the kayak you'll find yourself in an upright position, and the bacrest will give you just the right amount of support. The Deluxe seat is more padded, and has a firmer backrest which offers more support. Both seats are easy to attach and adjust.

Feel Free Canvas Seat
Feel Free Deluxe Seat

Canvas Seat

Deluxe Seat

Thigh Straps - Unlike kayaks with cockpits, sit on top kayaks don't have anything for you to brace against. Adding a pair of thigh straps gives you more control over the lateral movement of the kayak.

Paddle Leash - an often overlooked but incredibly useful bit of kit. Attach your paddle to your boat, then you can forget its there. If you're out fishing and need to drop everything to hook that prize catch, or simply practising your technique of falling off your kayak, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won't be up the proverbial creek without your paddle.

Feel Free Leg Straps
Paddle leash - you'll never be "up the creek" again!

Thigh Straps

Paddle Leash

Skeg - Feel Free Nomad can be fitted with an additional skeg which enables almost anyone to paddle in a straight line - even those who would normally be excluded from paddlesport. The skeg is simply brilliant.

Skeg makes straight line paddling easy
Rod Holders are available

Additional Skeg

Rod Holders

Rod Holders - Feel Free Nomad Sport has two flat spaces behind the seat area designed to take either flush-mounted rod holders, or Scotty rod holder deck mount blocks.

Feel Free Nomad Statistics

Roamer 1
Nomad Sport
  • Length: 3m
  • Width: 78cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Max Capacity (paddler & kit): 150kg
  • Length: 2.9m
  • Width: 74.5cm
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Max Capacity (paddler & kit): 150kg

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