Feelfree Tandem Sit On Top Kayaks

2016 Review Update

Size actually does matter and with the Roamer 2 (the original Gemini), Gemini Sport and Corona we can point you at the right tandem. The wheel in the keel on the Gemini and Corona make moving the kayak that much easier.

The right plastic is used in their manufacture.

A Short History of Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayaks

We are not sure if it was a Pharaoh or Noah that commissioned the very first tandem sit on tops but one of them did. They paddled all the sunny places in the world but stayed well clear of the UK and Ireland because it was there that the winds blew and the rains were cold. The ancients that inhabited these cold isles (Duffer and Codger) did wrap up warm in skins and hair and paddled tandem sit-on-tops.

End of History lesson.

There are three leading tandem sit-on-top manufacturers: Ocean Kayak, Feel Free and Perception.

This is our Review of the Feel Free range.

Feelfree Roamer 2

Feelfree Roamer 2

Feelfree Gemini Sport

Feelfree Gemini Sport

Feelfree Corona

Feelfree Corona

We stock three tandem kayaks in the Feelfree range, namely Roamer 2, Gemini Sport, and Corona.

Size Matters is the best charter fishing boat out of Plymouth, but Size Also Matters when selecting your tandem sit-on-top.

Let’s cut to the chase: all sit-on-tops are easy and fun to paddle. All the tandems we have reviewed are well made and fit for purpose. The view is the same from all of them, and the water is just as wet. The differences are in the detail and what best suits one couple or family may not suit another.

To help you resolve this conundrum we usually keep Roamer 2, Gemini Sport, Corona, Malibu 2, and Perception Gemini in stock in all shops.

Size Matters Charter Fishing Boat

Feelfree Roamer 2

The new Feelfree Roamer 2 Sit On Top Kayak

Formerly called Gemini Lite, and before that Perception Gemini. (Gemini Lite was by far the best name because it best described the kayak’s attributes).

Remembering both Perception and Feelfree have since introduced their New Geminis, we are in the process of Reviewing the Perception Scooter and New Perception Gemini (and we know they are very good already).

Roamer 2 weighs in at just 26kg and is best paddled by smaller adults or children. The bow section is finer than Gemini Sport and Corona, both of which weigh more and carry heavier loads. Roamer 2 is a nimble tandem sit-on-top that can be fitted with standard or deluxe seats and the famous Feel Free Skeg. Oh how Pharaoh wished he had a Noah Skeg fitted when he struggled to paddle in a straight line!

There is no centre seat position on Roamer 2 but it can still be paddled solo. The kayak works well with a trolley for land transportation.

Big Foot (takes a size 2 shoe) and her old man Codger easily carry Roamer 2 to the waters edge.

The Fridge Fairy and Codger cruising serenely on Roamer 2 whilst Big Foot (on her maiden solo voyage) crashes into Duffer's kayak.

More serene tandem paddling whilst Big Foot paddles in her own little world.

Big Foot transfers to the Roamer 2, gets the hang of it and can't stop talking.


Roamer 2 Vital Statistics are: weight 26kg, Max Load 200kg (but we think 170kg is more appropriate for best use and stability), and 2 lovely handles to carry it.

Feelfree Gemini Sport

Feelfree Gemini Sport Double Sit On Top Kayak

Formerly called Gemini Sport and before that Gemini Sport.

This kayak is the latest development in mid-size tandem sit-on-tops. New design features include a wheel in the stern which is ideal for moving the boat on hard flat surfaces and side handles for solo car topping (if you are as strong as an ox). Additional deck fittings are included that facilitate the fitting of leg straps and fishing rod holders. There is a central seating position for a smaller person or if the boat is to be paddled solo. 

Like Roamer 2, there are standard, deluxe and angler seats available and you can fit the fabulous Noah Skeg.

Feelfree Canvas Seat

Canvas Seat

Feelfree Deluxe Seat

Deluxe Seat

Feelfree Angler Seat

Angler Seat

Codger and the Fridge Fairy paddling the Gemini Sport (watch out for the scary smile).

Duffer paddling Gemini Sport solo whilst showing off his Typhoon PS220 dry suit.


Gemini Sport Centre Storage Hatch

Feelfree Gemini SPort Paddle Park

Gemini Sport Wheel in Keel & Skeg

Feel Free Gemini Sport Vital Statistics are: 32kg, max load 250kg with lovely handles.

About the Noah Skeg!

The Noah Skeg is a simple little thing that fits in the stern that helps the boat track much more easily.

Paddled tandem, you don’t know it’s there but the kayak is going where you want it to. Paddle it solo and the Gemini Sport is a so-and-so to turn until you take the skeg off!

The thing is a little marvel and can be fitted to Roamer 1, Roamer 2, Nomad sport, and Gemini Sport, but not the Carona.


Feelfree Skeg

Feelfree Corona

Feelfree Corona 3 Person Sit On Top Kayak

Formerly called Corona – yep you got it.

The corona is the Mother Ship in the Feel Free tandem sot range. A Gemini Sport following a short course of steroids that is designed to take the largest payload.

280kg max load is a lot of people and kit. We see Corona being paddled well loaded with camping kit, as well as the odd dog or child. We don’t mean that the dog and the child are odd – we can’t say that as we hardly know them (smiley face).

Feel Free Corona has solved the problem of getting taller paddlers with larger frames comfortable and afloat.

The Wheel In The Keel

Corona Paddle Park

Feelfree Corona Front Handle

Corona Vital Statistics are: 36kg, max load 280kg with lovely handles.

Size Matters - Feelfree Roamer 2, Gemini Sport & Corona

Pharaoh’s Safety Line

Apart from all the usual “On Water Safety Equipment” we recommend you invest in 15m of floating rope that comes supplied in a bag ready to throw. Its uses are many and include Boats Painter (line tied to the bow), tow line, safety line, rescue line, mooring line etc etc.

Use floating line not any old bit of cord/rope you found at the back of the garage.

Safety Line

Duffer, Codger ,The Fridge Fairy and Big Foot.
The Canoe Shops Group Ltd.   

Main Features:

Nomad Sport:

  • Large rear tankwell area
  • Centre Hatch
  • Solid Moulded Side Handles
  • Solid Mouled Bow & Stern Handles
  • Optional Fishing Rod Holders
  • Available with or without Wheel in the Keel.

Roamer 1:

  • 2 x Storage Hatches
  • Side deck lines
  • Moulded front & rear carry handles
  • Drinks bottle holder
  • Rear tankwell
  • Drain plug


Nomad Sport:

Width: 74.5cm
Weight: 19kg
Capacity: 150kg * see notes

Roamer 1:

Width: 75cm
Weight: 18kg
Capacity: 150kg