Viking ProFish 400 – Initial Thoughts & A Gilt Head Bream

Chris' first gilthead bream of 2017 on the Profish 400Our first Viking container arrived last month from New Zealand, with models ‘Profish 400’, ‘Profish Reload’ & ‘Profish GT’ in the line-up.
They are proving to very popular, with excellent design features and a very solid build quality.
Being designed and manufactured in New Zealand means that the hull shapes and design features are especially well suited to UK waters…







Anyway, we’re great believers at CSG that you should practice what you preach, and we always try to paddle and test what we sell!
Since our first delivery arrived I’ve had my eyes on the ‘Profish 400’  as my new staff boat, and I’ve been itching to get afloat since.
The balance between performance and weight appeals to me, it looks sleek, stable in the cockpit and well equipped for most fishing scenarios, and also light enough for me to car-top on my van single handed.


Chris with a small Gilt Head Bream caught from Viking Profish 400
Chris with a small Gilt Head Bream caught from the Viking Profish 400


So a fishing trip was planned, the venue an undisclosed mark in the South-West that has produced the elusive ‘Gilt Head Bream’ for me in the past – my favourite fish to target and has to be one of the hardest fighting species pound for pound in UK waters.

Baits were collected and Alarms were set for 0400 to make the drive west and catch the tides.
Joining me would by Kyle, a customer and friend of CSG who would be bringing along his recently purchased Hobie Revolution 16 – and what a piece of kit that is! Kyle would be after his first ever kayak caught Gilt Head Bream and I’d be after my first of the year.

We launched at 0600 to a stunning sunrise; estuaries are a great place to fish & paddle early morning. Still and silent apart from fish splashing and of course the calls of the diverse bird-life found on such estuaries……


Hobie Revolution 16 & ProFish 400 launch at first light
Hobie Revolution 16 &  Viking ProFish 400 launch at first light


The ProFish 400 in Green/Blue looks great and really is a cracking boat to paddle. It feels sleek in the bow and plenty of stability in the cockpit area…


ProFish 400 in Green/Blue
Viking ProFish 400 in Green/Blue


Just as the tide bottomed out, I had the unmistakable run from a Gilt Head. A short scrap and a few runs saw me net my first Bream of the season, estimate approx 1.5lb.


Mission accomplished!
Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished !  

It went quiet for the rest of the session and just before we called it a day Kyle struck into his first kayak caught Gilt Head Bream.
A great start to the season and hopefully a few more Bream to come our way soon.


Kyle with his first Kayak caught Gilt Head
Kyle with his first Kayak caught Gilt Head


The Viking Profish 400 was a real treat and did everything i wanted it to do on the day. I’ll be keeping this boat for the rest of the season at least. A full product review will follow soon.

Tight lines & happy paddling…..