Gumotex Kayaks – Now In Stock!

Gumotex Inflatable Kayaks now available in the UK!

Even more good news to kick off 2017 with. At long last Gumotex Inflatable Kayaks will be available again in the UK and Ireland!

Gumotex make use of HTP Nitrilon fabrics in the manufacture of their kayaks and canoes, which is a lighter version of the fabrics used in RIBs and Rigid Inflatable Boats. The types of boats that are used by the likes of the RNLI and Divers!

Put simply, this is by far the best material used for recreational paddling inflatables where only the military use a heavier fabric construction!



The Gumotex Solar in action!
The Gumotex Solar in action!

We are excited to be adding Gumotex Kayaks and Canoes to our range, with popular models including the Palava, Safari and Twist finally being available to the UK market! The Gumotex range is designed to cater for every recreational paddlers needs with models suited to one, two or even three paddlers! Don’t forget once your finished on the water, you have the ability to pack them away, chuck them in the boot and off you go. Perfect for those wanting to get out on the water but have difficulties storing or transporting a solid kayak or canoe.

The Scout Standard and Palava Adventure Canoes from Gumotex - Now Available in the UK!
The Scout Standard and Palava Adventure Canoes from Gumotex – Now Available in the UK!

With models like the Scout Standard to keep the canoeists happy and the Palava for those looking to thrill seek down some graded rapids. the Gumotex range really does have something to offer for everyone!


Gumotex Kayaks UK - New for 2017!
Gumotex Kayaks UK – New for 2017!

Gumotex Kayaks and Canoes are now available to view and buy from all Canoe Shops Group stores across the UK! We can also offer nationwide mail order, so it has never been easier to get your hands on Gumotex!

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