FAQ: How To Install an Anchor Trolley System?

An Anchor Trolley System is an essential piece of kit needed to anchor your kayak safely. An anchor trolley allows you to shuttle the anchor line to the bow or stern of the kayak so that you can safely anchor with the kayak in line with the prevailing tide, chop, wind and swell conditions. This reduces the chances of the conditions tipping the kayak over. The CSG Anchor Trolley kit has all the items needed to rig an anchor trolley to your fishing kayak.

An Anchor Trolley System is an essential piece of kit for safely anchoring your kayak


This article will run through the steps involved with installing the CSG Anchor Trolley kit onto your fishing kayak.

The CSG Anchor Trolley Kit Contains:

1. 10m of Black Polypropylene Cord
2. 2x Stainless Steel Pulleys
3. 2x Pad Eyes
4. 2x short lengths of bungee cord to attach the pulleys to the pad eyes - this acts as a shock absorber and keeps the anchor trolley line taut
5. 1x Stainless Karabiner - to incorporate in the anchor trolley loop for the anchor line to pass through
6. 4x Well Nuts with Stainless Steel Bolts
7. Installation Instructions

Tools Required:

1. Drill with an 8.5mm or 9mm Drill Bit – do not use bigger!
2. Screwdriver
3. Sealant – we recommend Marine Goop but Clear Silicon can be used
4. Scissors
5. Lighter/Flame
6. Marker Pen

CSG Anchor Trolley Kit Contents


Step One

Position a pad-eye near the stern of the kayak, ideally within 8 inches of the back and above the waterline of the kayak. Mark the two pad eye holes and drill these using an 8.5mm drill bit. A 9mm bit can be used but do not use any larger as the well nuts will pull out through the holes.

Drilling Holes to mount the anchor trolley pad eyes

Step Two

Insert the well nuts into the holes – they may need a bit of persuasion to push in and this is easier if the bolt is screwed into the well nut. A tight fit is better than a loose one. If it is proving too difficult to get the well nut into the hole, widen the hole very slightly until a good fit is achieved. We recommend the use of a sealant such as Marine Goop or Clear Silicone to ensure a waterproof fit.

Fitting Well Nuts into the Drill Holes   Sealing the pad eye holes with Marine Goop Sealant

Step Three

Fit the pad-eye back over the Well Nuts, place the bolt through the pad-eye hole and then down into the well nut. Slowly tighten down the bolts until a strong hold is achieved, but DO NOT over tighten as it will lead to failure of the well nut!

Anchor Trolley Pad Eye installed at the stern of the kayak

Step Four

Repeat steps 1-3 at the bow of the kayak, which should look something like this when your finished.

Anchor Trolley Pad Eye installed at the bow of the kayak

Step Five

Use the shock cord to tie the Stainless Steel Pulleys to the Pad-Eyes as shown in the image below.

Fitting the SS Pulleys with Shockcord to the Pad Eyes

Step Six

Run the 5mm Polypropylene Cord through the Pulleys and join the ends to form a loop by tying each end onto the Stainless Steel Karabiner as in the image below. The Karabiner is best placed on the bottom section of the anchor trolley as shown in the following steps. Trim off any excess cord and use a lighter/flame to melt the ends to prevent them from fraying. The Karabiner should now run freely from bow to stern.

Threading the Anchor Trolley line and attaching an in line karabiner

Step Seven

The finished article! Your Anchor Trolley System is now fully installed and ready to use alongside your chosen Anchor Kit. See below for how the trolley should look when positioned at the bow and the stern of the kayak.

Anchor Trolley Positioned At The Bow

The finished anchor trolley system positioned at the bow of the kayak

Anchor Trolley Positioned At The Stern

The finished anchor trolley system positioned at the stern of the kayak

Please Note

It is safest to anchor from the very stern of the kayak i.e. with the karabiner shuttled/trolleyed to the very rear of the kayak. This allows the kayak to ride the prevailing conditions (wind, chop, waves, tide) along its length, which will provide the most stability. In order to lock off the anchor trolley in the desired position you will require a cleat – we recommend a Zig-Zag Cleat. These are not supplied with the CSG Anchor Trolley Kit but are available to purchase individually or as part of the CSG Full Anchoring Kit. The CSG Anchoring Kit contains all the other items needed to anchor a kayak including an anchor reel with anchor line, an anchoring pick-up buoy, zig-zag cleat and a grapnel anchor.

Safety Notice

Anchoring if not done properly is a potentially dangerous activity. When performed properly in suitable conditions it is an accepted practice amongst competent kayak anglers. If you have never anchored a kayak before we recommend practicing in calm, sheltered and shallow waters before progressing onto more demanding conditions. Practice with another kayaker alongside for assistance if required. Anchoring in big swell and fast tides is not recommended. Seek advice from experienced kayak anglers who regularly fish at anchor if you are unsure.

The CSG Anchor Trolley Kit and all other Anchoring Accessories can be purchased from any of the Canoe Shops Group Stores:

Another informative how-to guide from The Canoe Shops Group. Tight Lines and Happy Fishing!