FAQ: How to Install the Viking Kayaks Profish Rudder Kit

A rudder is a particularly useful piece of kit that will assist in the manoeuvring of your kayak whilst on the water. A rudder is especially useful when paddling in windy conditions, simply trim the rudder in such a direction as to reduce the need to put in corrective paddle strokes as the wind tries to push you off-course. Less effort battling the wind = more effort going forwards!

How to Install the Viking Kayaks Profish Rudder Kit

This guide runs through the steps required to install the Viking Kayaks rudder kit. Please Note: The current Viking Rudder Kit is for all Profish 400’s, Profish 440’s, Profish GT’s and Profish Reloads that have the rudder line tubing pre-installed. If you own an older Viking Kayak that does not have the pre-installed tubing then this kit can still be used, but you will have to source the tubing to complete the installation.

Viking Kayaks Rudder Kit Components:

1x Rudder Blade + Housing
1x Rudder Mounting Bracket
2x Toe-Tab Controls with metal pivot rods and springs
2x Long lengths of rudder control line
2x Short lengths of rudder control line
2x Sections of Heat Shrink Tubing
4x M5 x 10mm Stainless Steel Bolts
4x Stainless Steel Washers
1x Split Ring

Tools Required:

1x Screwdriver
1x Scissors
1x Heat Gun or Lighter

Viking Kayaks Rudder Kit Contents


Step One - Fit the Rudder Mounting Bracket

Take a look at the back of your kayak and you will see 4 threaded brass inserts, along with the pre-installed rudder line tubing protruding from the kayak.


Brass Inserts for Rudder on Viking Kayak


The rudder mounting bracket simply bolts straight onto the stern using these threaded inserts and the M5 stainless steel bolts supplied with the kit. Use the supplied washers to go between the bolt head and the rudder bracket.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Bracket   Viking kayaks Rudder Bracket Fitted

Step Two – Fitting the Rudder Blade to the Mounting Bracket

Simply slot the rudder pin on the rudder housing into the hole in the mounting bracket. A small hole is located at the base of the rudder pin – attach the split ring included with the kit to this to secure the rudder in place.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Short Blade


Step 3 – Attaching the Toe-Tab controls to the footrests

The toe-controls consist of a plastic toe-tab, a stainless pin and a stainless spring.


Viking Kayaks Toe Control Footrests


Use the pin to attach the toe-tab to your existing foot rest as shown in the image below. Ensure the spring is in the correct position so that as the toe tab is pulled towards the back of the kayak, tension is applied to the spring. The pin is a tight fit through the holes in the footrest – use pliers or a solid flat object to help push the pin into place.


Installing toe controls for Viking rudder kit   Viking Kayaks Toe Controls for Rudder


Step Four – Installing the Rudder Control Lines

There are 4 lengths of rudder control line supplied with the kit: 2 short lengths and 2 long lengths.

The two long lengths have a loop crimped at one end. These form the line that runs between the foot well and the rudder at the stern. The two short lengths run from the front of the foot rails, through the toe-control foot rests, then join onto the loop of the long lengths of cord. This process is detailed below.

Firstly, push the long lengths of cord through the rudder tubing (from foot-well to stern) so that the crimped loop is located in the foot-well.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Cord


Leave approximately 3 or 4 inches of cord protruding into the foot-well - both sides will need to be the same. This will allow for enough play for the rudder to go full lock left and right without the crimps bottoming out and hitting the rudder tubing.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Cord


At the stern, take the cord and thread on the short section of shrink tubing. The cord can then be threaded into the outer hole on the rudder housing and then back in through the inner hole.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Cord Housing


IMPORTANT: At this stage it you need to keep the rudder in its central most position – perhaps trap the blade between two heavy objects or use a second pair of hands to assist.

Ensure that the 3-4 inches of cord is still protruding at the foot-well end and then tie several knots and hitches to attach the cord to the rudder housing. Repeat for the other side.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Cord attached to Rudder Housing


The shrink tubing can then be slid over the knots. Use a heat gun or lighter flame to shrink the tubing for a neat finish.


Shrink Tubing on Viking Rudder Kit


Repeat for the other side.


Shrink Tubing on Viking Rudder Kit


Now that the control lines are attached to the rudder housing we can go back to the foot-well to finalise the install.

Take the short lengths of rudder line. These sections run from the back of the foot rail, through the foot-rest and toe-control tab and then join onto the crimped loops of the long lengths of rudder line already installed. You may notice that one end is flared, if not then tie a small knot at the very end of the cord.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Control Line


Now take a look at the bow end of the foot rails – you will see a small hole. Pass the cord through this towards the stern until the flared end / knot traps against the hole.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Control Line on Footrest


The cord then runs under the foot rest, into the groove at the back of the toe tab, through the small hole in the toe tab and then up to meet the crimped loop on the other section of cord. These are joined in the next step.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Control Line on Footrest


Step Five – Tensioning the toe controls

The control lines are now installed but still need to be joined together. It is at this joining of the two cords that the rudder control tensioning is set. With the rudder in the central position you want the toe tabs sitting about vertical or just tilted slightly forwards so that the springs are engaged and putting tension on the cord.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Footrests


Once you are happy with the position join the short length of cord to the crimped loop of the longer cord with a couple of knots. Repeat with the other side. Now use the foot controls to operate the rudder blade and ensure full lock can be achieved in both directions. Once happy, tie off the excess cord with several hitches for a neat finish. With plenty of excess cord, any future adjustment can then be made if required.


Viking Kayaks Rudder Tensioing Knots


You can now operate the rudder blade by applying pressure to the toe tabs on the footrest. The footrests are still fully adjustable as the foot rest simply slides along the cord when moved. The rudder system is now fully installed!


The Viking Kayaks Rudder Kit and all other Anchoring Accessories can be purchased from any of the Canoe Shops Group Stores:

Another informative how-to guide from The Canoe Shops Group. Tight Lines and Happy Fishing!