Heidi Vandoor

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd Has Arrived!

Fresh off of the DAF UK Production Line, Kermuffitypuff Belle is already hard at work transporting our customers Canoes & Kayaks nationwide!
Be sure to give us a wave if you see us out and about!

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd - Canoe Shops Delivery Fleet

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd

The last 4 new vehicles purchased by CSG were all UK made!

  • 1x DAF Truck - Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd
  • 3x Vauxhall Vivaro Vans

"Old Duffer has banned us from buying Ford Transits after Ford closed the Southampton factory and moved production to Turkey. We have lots of customers who used to work at Ford Southampton but we have none working for Ford in Turkey. Vote with your cheque book"

The Evolution of Kermuffitypuff Belle

Kermuffitypuff Belle The First

Kermuffitypuff Belle The Second

Kermuffitypuff Belle The Third

Sentiments By Heidi Vandoor

Bournemouth Canoes Delivery Vehicle
Bournemouth Canoes

Brighton Canoes Delivery Vehicle
Brighton Canoes

Cornwall Canoes Delivery Vehicle
Cornwall Canoes

Manchester Canoes Delivery Vehicle
Manchester Canoes

Norfolk Canoes Delivery Vehicle
Norfolk Canoes

Southampton Canoes Delivery Vehicle
Southampton Canoes

Delivery Vehicle carefully driven by Annie & Tiddles
Annie & Tiddles

The Yeti Carefully Driven by the Fridge Fairy & Duffer
The Fridge Fairy's Yeti

Canoe Shops Group Navara Delivery Vehicle
The CSG Navara
"delivering smiley nose clips all over the UK"

Canoe Shops Group Vauxhall Vivaro Delivery Vehicle
The CSG Vivaro

Party with Canoe Shops Group

Canoe Shops Party at the River Dart, Devon
Party Time at the River Dart!

Canoe Shops Party at Old Duffer and the Fridge Fairy's Ranch
Another Pary at Old Duffer and the Fridge Fairy's Ranch!

Kermuffitypuff Belle Has Twins!

Kermuffitypuff Belle has had twins... In the form of a Vauxhall and a Fiat! The first has made its way to Bournemouth Canoes to continue deliveries across the South Coast. The second will stay with Duffer and Kayaks and Paddles for canoe & kayak deliveries in Devon, North Cornwall and beyond!

Kermuffitypuff Belle has had twins - Canoe Shops Delivery Vans

'Give A Man A Pasty And He Will Fish All Day'

Duffer's Ex-AA Transporter T4 now resides in deepest Cornwall, the mecca for VW Transporters and Campers alike.
Pictured at Sennen Cove ready for a spot of kayak fishing with the Cornwall boys!

Cornwall Canoes T4 Roof Rack Loaded up ready to go kayaking