Heidi Vandoor

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd Has Arrived!

Fresh off of the DAF UK Production Line, Kermuffitypuff Belle is already hard at work transporting our customers Canoes & Kayaks nationwide!
Be sure to give us a wave if you see us out and about!

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd - Canoe Shops Delivery Fleet

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd

Kermuffitypuff Belle The 3rd

Kermuffitypuff Belle Has Twins!

Kermuffitypuff Belle has had twins... In the form of a Vauxhall and a Fiat! The first has made its way to Bournemouth Canoes to continue deliveries across the South Coast. The second will stay with Duffer and Kayaks and Paddles for canoe & kayak deliveries in Devon, North Cornwall and beyond!

Kermuffitypuff Belle has had twins - Canoe Shops Delivery Vans

'Give A Man A Pasty And He Will Fish All Day'

Duffer's Ex-AA Transporter T4 now resides in deepest Cornwall, the mecca for VW Transporters and Campers alike.

Cornwall Canoes T4 Roof Rack Loaded up ready to go kayaking