Not Again...

Not Again, our favourite paddling pooch has been making a name for himself in our reviews for some time. He has even been brushing shoulders with the real celebrities of the paddle world and is well loved by all who meet him! This page is for all the fans of Not Again, to keep track of his latest expeditions.

Not Again was a Woolworths soft toy who was abandoned and became homeless. He was rescued from a local charity shop for the princely sum of £2. We fed him properly, washed and groomed him, fitted him with a buoyancy aid and he has taken to paddling like a Dog to water! He secured employment with Canoe Shops and quickly rose through the ranks. Not Again is now our Chief Buying Consultant, Marketing Guru, Test Pilot, Publicity man and general dogs-body (get it!).

Testing out the new Elie Strait 120 - He approves!  Hanging out with his fellow reviewing team members

As a bit of a celebrity in the paddling world, Not Again naturally makes friends very easily and has some rather unusual adventures: