Titan Mix

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The Titan Mix is a kayak pushing the boundaries, the worlds first Sit-on-Top scaled down to the size of a Freestyle Playboat, resulting in a hull which is like nothing else out there. Based on the more traditional playboat, the Titan Genesis, the Mix offers a more "family friendly" Sit-on-top, suitable for junior and smaller paddlers to learn control and skills in but just as fun for larger paddlers looking to have a playful experience on the water.

With a compact length and flat base, the hull of Mix has outstanding primary stability (considering its length) and gives itself to quick agile turns. Coupled with forgiving edges the Mix can be pushed to perform impressively well be that on moving water down rapids or carving up on the beach.

The Mix is the lightest plastic kayak we sell. It can be easily transported inside a small car. With high outer-walls this kayak has increased volume in the centre for more uplift (disproportionate given it's small size). With three-point thigh straps and foot supports at both toe and heel it is easy to feel connected to the Mix, but with the reassuring safety offered by having a Sit-on-Top. With some practice it is possible to get back onto the Mix, as with any Sit-on-top, in deep water, a little like climbing onto a pontoon.

Overall a fantastic little kayak, offering the safety of a sit-on-top but with the benefits of a small lightweight kayak. This will be the ultimate toy to have at the beach.

  • Industry Leading Design
  • Includes 3 Point Thigh Straps
  • Built-in ‘Heel and Toe’ rests
  • Planing Hull
  • Draining ‘divets’
  • Front and Rear End Grab-Handles

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