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2014 update

After many years of service theVenture Easky 13 has now been discontinued.

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The Venture Kayaks Easky 13 fits nicely between the compact recreational tourers and the 15-foot day tourers. Designed to provide good forward speed with reliable stability the Easky 13 ticks both boxes.

Heavier paddlers will appreciate the confidence felt while paddling the Easky 13 whilst smaller paddlers may feel slightly overwhelmed by the cockpit volume.

Venture Kayaks Easky 13 day touring kayak

This kayak is feature-rich in a more affordable specification. The bow lines make the kayak look like a true touring kayak (see photo, below). The foredeck is fitted with a bow storage hatch, decklines and bungees. The bow storage space is dry and the hatch cover was easy enough to fit and remove (at least on this model).

Paddling the Easky 13 on the River Tamar in Devon

The rear deck houses the large oval hatch providing excellent storage. The rear hatch cover can be a challenge to fit and remove, though this improves with time. I would still recommend making use of a few small dry bags if you are taking kit with you, for no other reason than it makes it easier to keep your wet and dry kit separate.

The two mini-cell foam bulkheads, moulded tracking channels in the hull and the contoured cockpit rim and deck provide the mechanical strength that stiffens the Easky 13 hull.

Metaphorically speaking the Easky 13 has hips, with a beam dimension (width) of 72cm. This is anything but a tippy kayak. Sitting in the chop created by wind against tide is fine.

Confused water does not make the kayak twitch and your "average happy paddler" will not feel intimidated by a bit of chop.


The width of the Easky 13 helps its stability in choppy water

The cockpit configuration is generous so getting yourself properly fitted in to paddle efficiently may need some foam padding in and around the seat. The footrests can be positioned to keep your thighs in contact with the braces. The roomy cockpit means it is simple enough to adjust the footrests while seated. A smaller paddler would find they moved around the seat while paddling if he or she did not put a little effort into customising the cockpit. However, the kayak is primarily designed for larger paddlers, so you can't have it both ways.

Easky 13 cockpit interior - thigh braces, adjustable footrests and forward bulkhead The Easky 13 features a comfortable seat and 'FlipTop' backrest The backrest is best used in the 'down' position for a better paddling posture

The 'Flip-Top' backrest (great name...!) can be used in two positions. As with the other models in the Venture Kayaks fleet, such as the larger Easky 15 and the Flex 11 recreational tourer, we would recommend you paddle with the backrest in the lower, folded down position as it tends to promote a better paddling posture. You will also benefit from being able to use a neoprene spraydeck too - a "combination" spraydeck such as the Palm Loweswater works very well on the Easky 13.

Properly positioned, the Easky 13's skeg is more useful than on similar models

This kayak tracks well in a straight line, assisted when necessary by a great skeg, yet it remains easy to manoeuvre. The skeg is more useful on this kayak than on some others.

The volume of the Easky 13 can collect a bit more of the breeze than a lower volume kayak. This can lead to increased weather-cocking when paddling with wind on the quarter. If you find this happening, it's time to deploy the skeg, edge the kayak a little and slightly off-centre your paddles.

I should point out that these points are not negative issues, but that they simply go with the territory on all higher volume kayaks. An appreciation of why the kayak behaves as it does will make the performance altogether more satisfactory.

The Easky 13 will comfortably accommodate a larger paddler than the Elie Strait 140. there is no sense in comparing these two kayaks. They are designed to do different things and their construction and outfitting is totally different.

In our opinion the Easky 13 fully justifies its place in the Venture Kayaks line up, providing a stable and comfortable paddle for a bigger paddler at an affordable price.

Easky 13 is a stable and comfortable all-round day touring kayak


The Easky 13 takes spraydecks in UK size 5 (R5 or N5). We recommend the Palm Roanoke spraydeck for a neoprene deck, or a Palm Coniston for a Nylon deck.

Easky 13 Statistics
  • Length: 4.15m / 13'7"
  • Width: 67cm / 26.5"
  • Weight: 21kg / 46lbs
  • Max Capacity (paddler & kit): 130kg / 286lbs
  • Palm Spraydeck Size: R5 / N5

Venture Kayaks Easky 13 Review by
Erk, Codger & Duffer (November)
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