Kayaking and Canoeing Equipment Reviews

The craft is just part of the story! Good equipment makes the paddling experience easier and more comfortable. Not all equipment is needed for all styles of paddling, for example you often dont need a helmet for sea kayaking! However, if you're interested in adding some comfort or features to your paddling, or want to be safer out on the water check out these reviews of popular pieces of kit.

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  • Palm Throttle kayak gloves review

    Palm Throttle Gloves

    The Palm Throttle Glove is a top glove for paddlesports and even kayak angling. They will really stand the test of time and use.


  • Typhoon PS220 Extreme Drysuit Review

    Typhoon PS220 Extreme Drysuit

    The Typhoon PS220 Xtreme is the perfect drysuit for Sea Kayakers or Sit on Top Paddlers/Anglers who do not want latex neck & wrist seals for increased comfort.