Palm Throttle Gloves

2016 Review Update

Duffer will take a new pair of Throttle Gloves to Norway on this year’s bucket list fishing adventure – The last pair were still in good condition but stank the house out.

"A Potted History of my Gloves" by Duffer for The Canoe Shops Group.

I fished all of winter 2012-2013 in the River Tamar for Thornbacks and Codling. The winter was not a warm one , you may recall, and fishing demanded the use of gloves. I use the XL gloves so I can get them on and off without too much fuss - bait, hooks and the like.

Palm Throttle Gloves

12-Month Old Palm Throttle Gloves!

Bob's hand afrer cod fishing

My Hand After A Hard Day's Angling

Being in my very very early sixties I also put a bit of board wax on my paddle shaft so that I do not need to grip it as tightly to control flutter. The gloves and the wax work well together with less chance of picking up yet another repetitive strain injury. If only it would work for sciatica!

The Erk and I took our gloves to Norway in May fishing for Cod 300 miles inside the Arctic Circle. Holding the grab rails on the boat at -4 to +4 ⁰C demanded gloves. Handling the boat on and off its mooring at these temperatures demanded gloves. Catching and releasing 400 Cod in 6 days also demanded gloves.

We took six cod back to the jetty to go into the food chain as these fish popped their swim bladders on the way up. Hook a good Cod then hold at half depth for at least 30 seconds, bring it closer to the surface and as soon as you can see the fish hold it again. Wait for the bubbles to vent from both ends as the swim bladder balances then bring the fish to the surface. Unhook, release the fish and smile from ear to ear.

The Palm Throttle Glove is the best glove we have ever used in paddle sport and angling.

Be warned though – nothing stinks like a Palm Throttle glove after all that abuse unless it be a Pollock on a hot day.

This YouTube video shows my hands being saved from a vicious sea monster by the Palm Throttle Gloves

Palm Throttle Gloves

"Nice gloves, shame about the tiddler"

Reviewed by Duffer for:
The Canoe Shops (Group) Ltd.   
October 2013