Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler

2019 Review Update

Still Duffers favourite Trident – However now apprehensive of the £1500 price tag, Duffer will stick to using his trusty Moken 12 Angler in the Plymouth Sound.

Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler - Duffers first OK Review
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I have been asked many times if I like Ocean Kayaks, the simple answer is I do and I like them a lot.

So why don’t you write one of your “opinionated reviews on Ocean Kayaks”?
Simple answer, I thought every man and his dog had written them already.

Wrong – please tell it like it is - the marketing man he speaks with forked tongue.
Ahhh, the marketing man is no friend of mine – he will try and tell me toothache is good.

So here goes Duffers take on Ocean Kayak anglers starting with the Trident 11.
Why the Trident 11 first? Because it appeals to me and I like boats that talk to me whilst I paddle and fish.

Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler kayak

Paddling the Trident 11 in Plymouth

kayaking on the Trident 11 in Plymouth

Stand back and take a look at the T11 – it’s neat and like most of us perfectly formed! I need to be straight with my readers I am not drawn to the biggest fishing kayaks I like to draw the line at 13ft. That said paddling the Ultra 4.3 on our regular demo days brings out the cruiser in me and I don’t have problem with weather cocking, but some paddlers do.

This is about the Trident 11 so get on with it.

An 11ft boat with a long footwell and adjustable footpegs is a very good start.

I can get myself into the kayakers birthing position, knees up and paddling efficiently and still have room to stretch whilst anchored or drifting. Fishing is mainly about forward paddling and little to do with all the canoeing strokes learnt in surf and whitewater. The seat is very supportive and the adjustment excellent. When testing a boat take your time, give your butt time to go numb then try walking again. Some kayaks fit and some don’t so take your time.


Adjustable foot pegs allow you to adjust your foot position to maximise comfort

Adjustable Foot Rests

Ocean Kayak Seats are comfortable and offer good back support

Comfortable Seat

Rod pod

Modular Rod Pod

Trident 11 fishing rod storage

Rod storage

Trident 11 bow hatch

Bow hatch with battery bag

The deck configuration is clever. It was quite a while ago that I dispensed with two forward rod holders on my Hobie Outback, they are an overreaction to what is needed. Trident 11 can be fished easily with two rods flat, one tucked under each leg or one in hand and the other mounted on the Modular Rod Pod.  The marketing man is back Modular Rod Pod- it’s the long centre hatch lid with gizmo seating’s a plenty for rod holders, Fish Finder, tackle box etc etc. The layout is very very good and the fish finder battery storage bag in the bow feeds the intercabling through sensibly. Happiness is a Modular Rod Pod covered in fish poo, bait and fishy slime moments after landing something nice then releasing it.

You can stow two piece rods in the pod before heading back to the beach. When you set off it was calm but now the tide has turned and there is a swell running up the beach. Bigger angling kayaks surf like a log on a bad day so you know you are in for a bad ride as you run up the beach. Trident 11 was actually quite a good log with the potential to surf upright and intact if you pick the right wave to ride up the beach. Before you head into the beach, sit outside of the break line and stow your rods in the pod – flob in (capsize) at that moment and the lot floods and you sink. So IF you know what you are doing stow your rods, batten down the hatch and throw yourself up the beach.
If you have taken the trouble to fit thigh straps then take the wave and lean on it with your paddle as you bongo up the beach – stay upright and you’re the coolest angler on the beach – flob in and at least your rods don’t snap in two.
I say again - the moment you open a hatch at sea you are as reliable as the Titanic.


Trident 11 rear tankwell

Rear Tankwell

Trident 11 water tight fittings

Watertight fittings

Trident 11 handles

Rear carry handle

Trident 11 paddle holder

Paddle holder

Trident 11 side handles

Side handles

Almost everything else is common to all the Ocean kayak anglers.
An over stern rudder can be fitted or you can learn to paddle – whichever is easier.
Wind you neck in Duffer, some paddlers do benefit from a rudder if a disability or weakness makes paddling more difficult. Most paddlers should be able to drive Trident 11 without a rudder. The skid plate is useful especially for those who like dragging their kayak along the ground. I personally like to carry or trolley my kayaks or better still get swyaker to carry it for me. The rear deck is well big enough for a crate and the stowage inside the boat is massive.
The Rod pod thingy is on an upstand so as long as you paddle the kayak the right way up it is very effective water seal.


You will notice the encapsulated inserts that fit the straps to the kayak – no leaky nut and bolts like on the Chinese rip off’s. The plastic is MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene – linear repairable). MDPE has been developed to resist abrasion, withstand impact and retain its memory and shape.

Ocean Kayaks, Feel Free kayaks, Perception Kayaks and Dagger kayaks are well made in MDPE or HDPE.

This video shows Duffer loading the Trident 11 single handed onto his Shogan roof rack. (Duffer was in his fifties a few years ago now!)

Duffer uses a Thule roof rack with the Thule 873 Hydro Glide and the Thule Waterslide to protect the paintwork.


Paddling Trident 11 is easy and the flare in the bow cuts through the chop well.
The boat does not feel heavy as you push it through the water and tracking is excellent.
It’s as stable as a box of stable things going zing zang zooly we are stable without feeling wooden like some very stable kayaks.
Many years ago Roundy was paddling Sea Trek and I was paddling Polar Bucc.
Sea Trek was a full on big boys expedition sea kayak whereas the Polar Bucc was more a wet playful weekender. Both were great sea kayaks but not comparable.

So it is with Trident 11. Trident 11 is not as stable as Moken 10 but is more stable the Moken 10 Lite. It’s faster than Tarpon 100 and has an easier deck layout to fish.  Not as quick as Trident 13 but felt as fast as Tarpon 120.
The 10-13 foot kayak anglers are plentiful and varied.
For me Trident 11 ranks amongst the very best and should be carefully considered when looking at the 10-12 foot kayak anglers.

Review by
Duffer  Codger
For The Canoe Shops (Group) Ltd.
Review written on a very wet evening in July.
In between sorting tackle ready for a Halibut and cod fishing trip next month to Havoysund Troms Norway. I know it’s tough but someone has to go.

Main Features:

Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler:

  • Comfort Tech™ seat back
  • Oversize tank well with bungee
  • Large bow hatch with Cross Lock™ buckle system
  • Battery storage bag in bow hatch
  • Modular Fishing Pod™
  • Transducer Compatible Scupper
  • Adjustable foot braces
  • Paddle keepers
  • Side-mounted carrying handles
  • Reflective deck rigging
  • Two Flush mounted rod holders
  • Skid plate


  • Length: 11' 5" | 3.5 m
  • Width: 30.5" | 77.5 cm
  • Weight: 54 lbs | 24.5 kg
  • Max Capacity: 350-400 lbs | 158.8-181.4 kg