Hobie Kayak Reviews

Hobie have been manufacturing kayaks for years now and have produced some classic designs. These days however they are producing kayaks that are nothing short of revolutionary! Innovative pedal-powered drive systems, some of the best deck-features available and even the ability to sail some models. These kayaks are unique and are a truly premier craft.

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  • Hobie Revolution 16 Fishing Kayak Review

    Hobie Revolution 16

    The fastest solo kayak in the MirageDrive range. The Revolution 16 is designed for distance, touring and especially kayak fishing. For many kayak anglers, the Revolution 16 has become the fishing kayak of choice!


  • Hobie Revolution 13 kayak review

    Hobie Revolution 13

    The Revolution is a blend including the speed of the Adventure, the stability of the Outback and the manoeuvrability of the Sport. The result is a superb kayak suitable for everyone. As a fishing kayak, the Revolution is well equipped, efficient and stable.


  • Hobie outback kayak review

    Hobie Outback


    The Mirage Outback from Hobie Kayak is a remarkably stable, yet swift kayak that includes Hobie’s famous Mirage Drive system. Those looking for a feature rich fishing kayak, which emphasises stability over straight line speed will love the Outback.