Using Dighy Trailers To Transport Hobie Kayaks

2016 Review Update

There are more and more ways of transporting your kayaks with ease coming onto the market.

Duffer is leading the “ageing population” and is well pleased with these developments.

Make transporting your Hobie kayak easier with a trailer

Hobie kayaks are made from high quality Rotomolded Polyethylene and feature the infamous Mirage Drive System that allows you to pedal as well as paddle. Unfortunately the high quality construction along with the Mirage Drive System results in a slightly heavier kayak when compared to conventional ones.

In the past customers have been put off from purchasing a Hobie due to their weight as they have been concerned about being able to safely load one on and off a roof rack. As a result some people are missing out on the fantastic Mirage Drive System that first drawn them towards the Hobie range.

Rather than using a roof rack we suggest using a dinghy trailer to transport your Hobie. By using a dinghy  trailer you can avoid straining yourself while lifting your kayak high up on to a roof rack. Instead you will only have to raise your kayak onto the trailer which can be done using the bow and stern carry handles.

Loading a Hobie kayak on to a trailer to avoid using a roof rack

Dave unfortunately sustained a horse riding accident a few years ago damaging his wrists, because of this he has trouble using a kayak paddle with comfort. Dave was drawn to the Hobie kayak range as they can be pedalled using the Mirage Drive System rather than using a paddle. Dave's wrist injury also prevents him from lifting awkward or heavy loads which then put him off buying a Hobie as he was worried whether he could manage loading one onto his roof rack.

We suggested using a dinghy trailer instead and now Dave uses his Hobie all the time, transporting it using a trailer. The trailer allows Dave to carry and load his kayak using the bow and stern handles and prevents him from having to lift it over waist height. (as can be seen in the picture to the left).

Using a trailer is a great alternative to using a roof rack and saves having to lift your Hobie on to a roof rack

Trailers are a great alernative to using roof racks, we highly
reccomend them for use on the kayaks in the Hobie range.