Sit On Top Kayak Reviews

Sit on top kayaks have been around for a while now and their designs have evolved massively from the old 'lunchbox-like' craft of years gone by.

Sit on top kayaking is by far the most accessible and easy to learn form of paddlesport. The kayaks are stable, go easily in a straight line and are a perfect platform for exploring inland or coastal waters.

The Canoe Shops Group outlets always have a massive range of sit on top kayaks in stock and with so many on offer, here are reviews of our most popular models. If you would like us to test a specific boat or would like advice get in touch with the team - contact us

  • Feelfree Roamer 1 sit on top kayak review

    Feelfree Roamer 1

    Recreational paddling at its best. The FeelFree Roamer 1 is a versatile sit on top kayak for all types of paddling. A tried and tested design that offers excellent value for money!


  • Feelfree Nomad Sport sit on top kayak review

    Feelfree Nomad Sport

    The Tina Turner Kayak – Simply The Best! An updated model of the classic Roamer 1 with all new all features.


  • Feelfree Juntos sit on top kayak review

    Feelfree Juntos

    A mum's review of Feelfrees new Adult + Child Sit On Top. The perfect versatile family kayak with the addition of a childs seat at the front.


  • Feelfree tandem sit on top kayak reviews

    Feelfree Tandem Kayaks

    Reviewing the most popular tandem models from Feelfree. The Gemini Sport, Roamer 2, Corona and Tri-Yak.


  • Perception Triumph 13 sit on top kayak review

    Perception Triumph 13

    A brand new design and packed full of new features. The Triumph 13 is excellent for paddling those longer distances.


  • Hobie Mirage Drive sit on top kayak reviews

    Hobie Kayaks

    Paddle, Pedal or Sail with the Hobie Mirage Drive! Hobie's are popular for kayak fishing, touring and wildlife watching. Here are the teams top models for UK paddlers.