Hobie Kayaks

Cornwall Canoes Andrew Fishing from the Hobie Revolution 13


Hobie have been manufacturing kayaks for years now and have produced some classic designs. These days however they are producing kayaks that are nothing short of revolutionary! Innovative pedal-powered drive systems, some of the best deck-features available and even the ability to sail some models. These kayaks are a unique and truly premier craft in the paddling world.

Unlike the majority of kayaks, Hobie Kayaks can be paddled, pedaled with the help of the renowned Mirage drive or even sailed with the ability of an optional sail kit on some models. The Mirage Drive is a pedal powered system that uses rubber fins based on Penguin wings to propel the kayak through the water. This incredible piece of kit is designed to be as efficient as possible, with users being able to maintain a steady speed with as little effort as a walking pace. The majority of individuals will generally have more strength and stamina in their leg muscles rather than their arms. Bearing this in mind, Hobie's are an excellent craft if you are looking to travel further for longer, without having to wear yourself down in the process.


Tom Nature Watching from the Hobie Outback


With help from the Hobie Mirage Drive, hands free exploring of Britains waterways is a breeze. The British Isles has some fantastic scenery and diverse wildlife including seals, dolphins and birds; and what better way to see all of this then from the comfort of a Hobie Kayaks.


The Perfect Fishing Kayak?

With the hull being propelled through the water using the unique Mirage Drive pedal system powered by your feet, your hands are left completely free to fish with! This provides a number of advantages to the angler such as trolling whilst holding the rod, holding position in a tidal run or in the wind whilst fishing, drifting a bottom bait when there is no tide, current or wind to assist you, moving the kayak whilst playing a fish.... and much more!

MD Bob playing on the Tamar from his Hobie Outback


These are huge advantages, particularly for lure anglers... advantages which are mostly unachievable when having to paddle a kayak. These advantages emphasize why many kayak fisherman, lure anglers in particular, have opted for a Hobie Mirage Drive fishing kayak as their go to craft.


Chris - Fishing from his Hobie Revolution 13 off the Plymouth Sound  Norfolk Canoes Steve Pike Fishing on the Broads


Some of the best times to enjoy your Hobie Kayak are throughout the summer months. However, there is no reason that you shouldn't paddle all year round if you are appropriately dressed for the conditions. Take a look at our What to Wear page, if you are interested in the equipment and clothing that is recommended for use with a Hobie Kayak.


Hobie's Standard Equipment - What you don't get from any other kayak!

  • The all new Mirage Drive 180 from Hobie Kayak

    Hobie Mirage Drive 180

    The Mirage Drive 180 is the latest drive from Hobie Kayaks! A revolutionary new drive system that allows you to pedal full power both forwards and backwards!

  • Hobie  Kayaks Vantage CT Seating System

    Hobie Vantage CT Seating System

    Offering unparalleled comfort and adjustability, the Vantage CT Seat comes standard on all Mirage Drive kayaks. 4-way adjustablity for more comfort than ever before!

  • Hobie Kayaks Twist N Stow Rudder System

    Hobie Twist n Stow Rudder System

    A tried and tested rudder system that can be easily controlled with a single lever to steer, as well as separate handles to deploy and store the rudder assembly.

  • Hobie Kayaks Two Piece Paddle

    Hobie Two-Piece Paddle

    A lightweight fibreglass shaft two-piece paddle with fibre reinforced blades comes as standard. This can be used to aid manoeuvrability, or for use when launching/landing.

  • Hobie Kayaks Lowrance-Ready System

    Lowrance-Ready System

    Fish finder installation is made easy with a Lowrance-Ready transducer scupper recess and protective cover, and a system of thru-hull wiring deck seals.

  • Hobie Kayaks Bow Hatch - Outback Hatch shown in image

    Large Bow Hatch

    Most models come with a large bow hatch that will easily take gear for an overnights camp, a fold-up trolley or a dry-bag full of kit. Hinged or leashed design ensures the cover stays with the kayak.

  • Hobie Kayaks Twist N Seal Hatches

    Hobie Twist N Seal Hatches

    Easy access hatches open and close with a simple twist of the handle. These hatches are hinged so you wont go losing the cover! A range of drop-in buckets are available to fit these hatches.

  • Hobie Kayaks Cargo Tank Well

    Cargo Tank-Well

    Ample storage for fishing or camping gear. The cargo area will easily hold a storage crate or large dry bag and for the anglers, the Hobie H-Crate or Livewell.

  • Hobie Kayaks Sail Mount

    Sail Mount

    Many models include a sail mount for the addition of the optional Hobie Sail Kit. Ride the wind and have some fun!

  • Hobie Kayaks Hookless Rubber Pockets

    Hookless Rubber Pockets

    Storage pockets are found in front of the seating area so that you can keep essentials within easy reach. A 'Hookless' rubber cover prevents the fouling of hooks if used for fishing tackle.

  • Hobie Kayaks MD180 with Arc Cranks

    Mirage Drive with Arc Cranks

    The Mirage Drive can be used by both short and tall pedalers and the Arc Pedal Cranks allow for easy adjustment of the pedals by simply pushing a button on top of the crank arm.

  • Hobie Kayaks Fingertip Steering Controls

    Fingertip Steering Controls

    Operating the rudder is effortless using the fingertip steering controls located right beside the seat. Uphaul and Downhaul of the rudder is controlled by toggles in the foot well.