Inflatable Kayaks

Rob & Luke Paddling the Sevylor Madison Premium Inflatable Kayak


Kayaking and Canoeing is now accessible to almost everyone thanks to the huge growth in popularity of Inflatables, and what better way to explore your surroundings than from an Inflatable Canoe or Kayak. For years, canoeing and kayaking was only for those who could lift heavy kayaks and canoes onto their Car Roof Racks and had space to store their boats, but not any more!

Quick and easy to inflate, you can be on the water enjoying your surroundings within minutes. The build quality of modern day inflatable Kayaks and Canoes is exceptional with incredibly strong and robust materials.


Luke & Rob Paddling the Sevylor Madison Premium Inflatable  Rob Paddling the Sevylor Madison Inflatable Kayak


We can recommend some basic equipment for inflatable paddling on our What to Wear page, however, very little is needed to get started in an inflatable. A craft, bouyancy aid, and paddle are a great start!

Inflatables are great if you have a convertible car, don’t want to use a roofrack, own a motor home, a caravan or a boat, and even allow you to take your favourite canoe or kayak on holiday with you. If you are interested in an inflatable canoe or kayak, you can get in touch with one of our Stores for impartial advice and prices.


Just how easy is it to get out on the water with an Inflatable Kayak?

  • Luke - Carrying the Sevylor Madison Inflatable Kayak


    Transporting couldn't be any easier. When deflated, an inflatable kayak is the perfect size to fit in the car boot or inside the caravan and motorhome. In the carry bag provided they are even easy to carry straight to the water!

  • Luke - Inflating the Sevylor Madison Inflatable Kayak


    Once unpacked, an inflatable kayak doesn't take long to setup. With a foot or hand pump they can be fully inflated in under 10 minutes at a steady pace. The included seats can also be inflated in this time for additional comfort.

  • Luke & Rob ready to get on the water


    With the kayak inflated and your paddling gear on, your now ready to spend the day on the water. Canals, Rivers & Lakes are perfect for inflatable kayaking as they offer calm conditions and easy to access launch points.