Kayak Fishing

Kayak Fishing is hugely popular in the UK and throughout the world. Fishing from a kayak gets you closer to the action, and generally most kayak anglers will tell you that fishing from a kayak massively increases your catch rate than from the shore. This is why more and more UK shore anglers are converting to fishing from kayaks.

As well as getting you closer to the action, fishing from a kayak allows you to access marks and places that you could not normally dream of fishing from the shore or on larger fishing boats. You can get well past your typical casting distances with ease, but you can also get into shallow creeks, tight gullies and close to rocks where you could not take a normal boat….. The possibilities are endless.

Purpose built fishing kayaks offer stability, comfort and performance, as well as offering angling-specific features such as rod holders, storage hatches, rudders, anchor systems and anything else you might need. The fishing experience of our staff is extensive and we can give you advice on boats and equipment. We also have online help on our What to Wear page.

Liam catching a Tope off the Cornish Coast   Liam catching a Monster Conger Eel on his Fishing Kayak

Kayak anglers will often adapt their fishing kayak to become the ultimate sports angling platform with Fish Finders, GPS, chartplotters, Anchoring Systems. Live Bait Wells and much more. Whatever type of fishing you're into there is a kayak designed for you, from catching Mackerel for your lunch, reef and wreck fishing for Pollock, Plugging for Bass, right through to Tope fishing and even landing big Conger Eel.

Kayak fishing allows you to target a wide variety of species and in virtually any method that you might normally boat fish including, bottom fishing, lure fishing, trolling, jigging and float fishing…


  • Andrew - Fishing for Conger on the Moken 12.5 in Cornwall
  • Liam Catching a PB Bass off the Cornish Coast
  • Andrew Catching a Nice Pollack in West Cornwall
  • Chris - Fishing from his Hobie Revolution 13 off the Plymouth Sound
  • Duffer - Pollack Fishing from a Feelfree Moken 10 Angler
  • Norfolk Canoes Steve Pike Fishing on the Broads


Our team of kayak anglers paddle the fishing kayaks that we stock and sell, their reviews and opinions are available in our fishing kayak reviews section here