Open Canoeing

The UK provides endless miles of sheltered inland waterways including rivers, canals, lakes and smaller sheltered estuaries, which are perfect for exploration by Open Canoe. One of the more traditional types of paddlesport, Open Canoeing can be enjoyed on flat and safe waters that can be enjoyed by those of almost any paddling ability. From a day trip down your local canal with the family for a picnic through to touring the Broads of East Anglia or multi-day expeditions on the river Wye, there is something to suit everyone.

The core advantage of any Open Canoe is its massive carrying capacity, allowing for easy tandem paddling, with the ability to bring the whole family along with you! With enough room for all the camping gear, why not load up and disappear for the weekend on a multi-day paddling adventure.


Family Canoeing Day Trip on the River Wye   Southampton Canoes Manager Darren Touring UK Rivers


Open Canoeing provides the ability to access some of the best riverside scenery from a viewpoint very few normally get to experience. It's not just about the paddling though, for wildlife fanatics, photographers and those just looking to experience something new, Open Canoeing is an excellent platform for getting out and enjoying your surroundings.

Canoeing is enjoyed by the majority of people throughout the warmer months in the UK. However, there is no reason that you shouldn't paddle all year round by dressing up for the different conditions...there is no such thing as bad weather...just the wrong clothing!. Take a look at our What to Wear page, if you are interested in the equipment and clothing that is recommended for year round Open Canoeing.


Family Canoes

Canoes are great fun for family canoeing trips - to comfortably accommodate 2 adults and the kids we recommend 17ft canoes such as the Nova Craft Prospector 17. This makes for a comfortable and stable on the water, with still plenty of room for camping gear and picnic.

Canoeing with the Family on UK Rivers


River Running

Opening Canoeing is an incredibly versatile form of paddlesport, where they aren't just suited to flat calm conditions. Experienced Canoeists can regularly be seen tackling white water conditions in their open canoes. Here's Southampton Canoes Manager Darren below, playing on a standing wave in his Nova Craft Canoes Prospector!


Darren - Manager of Southampton Canoes Canoeing in his Nova Craft Prospector