River and Lake Paddling

Luke - Paddling an Expression 15 on the local River


From Windermere to Siblyback, the Wye to the Dart, Britain has some stunning rivers and lakes to enjoy. With calm, clean waters, paddling in these surroundings is a wonderful, relaxing way to enjoy local wildlife and scenery. A huge number of lakes and rivers also have guiding services and easy access arrangements in place so you can peacefully enjoy the paddle without concerning yourself with pick-up or launching.

Much like canal paddling, almost any kayak or canoe is suitable for use on a lake or river. However there are craft designed specifically for the job which can make your experience much more comfortable and pleasurable.


Duffer and Fridge Fairy Taking a Trip on the Looe River in Cornwall   Manchester Canoes Staff Member John - River Paddling in the Wavesport Ethos 10


Kayaks such as the Feelfree Atlantis or Perception Expression 11 and canoes like the Nova Craft Prospector 16, have been designed specifcally for use on rivers and lakes. Equipment like drop-down skegs, dry storage hatches and comfortable seats make them a pleasure to use and let you concentrate on the glorious surroundings rather than on your numb bum! Advice on kayaks can be found by reading our Touring Kayak Reviews, and info on what to wear when kayaking these craft can be provided in our Stores or on our What to Wear page.


River & Lake Paddling can be enjoyed by all, using a range of different Canoes and Kayaks!

  • Duffer & Not Again - Lake Paddling with the Feelfree Atlantis

    Day Touring Kayaks

    Comfortable and easy to paddle, Day Touring kayaks are ideal for both beginners and more experienced paddlers. The perfect choice for any recreational paddler.

  • Open Canoeing on the River Wye with the whole Family

    Open Canoeing

    Open Canoeing can be enjoyed by those of almost any paddling ability. From a day trip down your local canal with the family to multi-day paddling adventures, its all possible!

  • Darren - Joined by his four legged friend on a River Trip

    Sit On Tops

    Sit-ons are a perfect option if you're trying a bit of everything. They can be enjoyed by just about anybody; regardless of age, gender and physical fitness on Rivers & Lakes.