Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking off the South Coast


Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have access to some of the most stunning and dramatic coastline in the world. What better way to explore and take advantage of this than from a canoe or kayak?

Coastal paddling takes many forms, from kayak surfing through to gentle coastal touring and exploring. It is important that you seek the best advice and choose the correct type of canoe or kayak for enjoying the sea and coastline. 
Kayaks are perfect for fishing, nature watching, or simply exploring the bays, beaches, estuaries and creeks of the UK.


Tom & Leggy Sea Kayaking in the Plymouth Sound in Seabird Scotts   Chris paddling the Perception Essence Sea Kayak


The sea must always be respected no matter how experienced the paddler, so make sure you get the right equipment, clothing and best advice to ensure you enjoy our coastline in safety. Always check tidal and coastal conditions first. We can offer experienced advice on what equipment and gear to wear when heading out coastal paddling either in store, or online. Visit our What to Wear page to find out more.

The British Isles has some fantastic scenery and versatile wildlife including seals, dolphins and birds. You can often get right up close to these gems, as canoeing and kayaking is virtually silent and at one with the environment.
Sea Kayaking caters for a huge range of participants of different ages and abilities; from general beach fun on a Sit On Top, kayak sea-fishing, to multi day ‘Sea Kayaking’ adventures.


You don't need a specialist sea kayak to enjoy coastal paddling!

  • Tom - Coastal Paddling off Wembury Beach

    Sit on Tops

    Sit on top kayaks are perfect for expeditions down estuaries, sheltered bays or even a mess about in the surf.SOT's can be enjoyed by just about anybody.

  • Niell - Paddling in Newhaven Harbour

    Sea Kayaks

    Primarily designed for speed, these dedicated sea kayaks allow you to explore vast areas of coastline quickly, with enough capacity to carry the camping gear as well.

  • Cornwall Team Paddler Gary - Sea Fishing from his RTM Kayak

    Kayak Fishing

    Want to combine one of your favourite hobbies with exploring some of the best coastline the UK has to offer? Sit on Tops are an excellent choice for kayak fishing the coastline closest to you.