Sit On Top Kayaking

Sit on Top (SOT) paddling is a highly accessible division of paddlesport that can be enjoyed by just about anybody; regardless of age, gender and physical fitness. Sit on Top paddling can be enjoyed almost anywhere in the UK. Whether you live by the Norfolk Broads or the beaches in West Cornwall, you won't be far from flat and safe water and you don't have to travel far to find something a little more exciting; a spot of surf in the summer maybe?

Sit on Tops open up a whole world of exploration, allowing you to see stretches of coastline or riverbank from a perspective you have probably never experienced. An excellent family activity, a great way to stay in shape or a new way to get to that fishing spot which is just beyond your casting range...

Our Payroll Manager Paddling with her son on a sit on top kayak Photography from a Hobie Sit On Top Kayak

Sit on Top paddling can compliment any number of pre-existing hobbies: Many photographers and wildlife lovers find that Sit on Tops provide a silent and stable platform to approach animals from an entirely new perspective. However, many simply enjoy the great feeling of gliding through the water taking the time to enjoy the scenary around.

Sit on Top paddling is enjoyed by the majority of people throughout the summer months. However, there is no reason that you shouldn't paddle all year round if you are appropriately dressed. Take a look at our What to Wear page, if you are interested in the equipment and clothing that is recommended for sit on top paddling.

It doesn't matter whether you've never sat in a kayak in your life or if you've been paddling since before you could walk: Sit on Tops are a great leveler in the paddle-sport world, everyone just has fun regardless of age, skill or gender. Requiring almost no initial skill, sit on tops provide a wonderful past-time as well as a great introduction to paddling should you want to progress to a more specialised type of kayak.