Canal Paddling is a rapidly growing area of paddlesport in the UK which can appeal to a huge range of different people, ages and abilities. If you live anywhere in the UK it is likely that you could have access to one of the UK’s fantastic inland canal networks.

Canal paddling can offer a placid and tranquil paddling experience, and caters for a wide range of paddling crafts including Canoes, Kayaks and Sit On Top’s. Canals can make the ideal location for bird-watching, fishing, fitness, or general touring and exploring.

This type of paddling is a year-round activity if you have the right equipment, as even in poor weather conditions canals can still offer you calm sheltered conditions to enjoy your paddling.


Canal Paddling offers a user-friendly kayaking or canoeing experience. Many people live inland or do not have access to sheltered coastal waters, so canal paddling offers the experience and enjoyment of canoeing and kayaking for everyone. A great advantage of paddling on canals is the relatively small amount of kit and clothing needed. Very little is required to get started and advice on this can be found on our What to Wear page, or by contacting any of our Stores.

Whether you are planning a multi-day expedition or simply an afternoon's gentle exploring, canal paddling offers enjoyment to a vast range of participants. We have customers of varied age, ability and experience who all enjoy different forms of canal paddling.