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40cm Uprights
Sale price£37.99
40cm UprightsCSG
Anchor Chain 6mm - 1m Length
Anchor Shackle 6mm
Sale price£2.50
Anchor Shackle 6mmMisc
Aquapac Keymaster
Sale price£14.99
Aquapac KeymasterAquapac
Aquapac Phone CaseAquapac Phone Case
Sale priceFrom £19.99
Aquapac Phone CaseAquapac
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Aquapac Small VHF CaseAquapac Small VHF Case
Sale price£28.99
Aquapac Small VHF CaseAquapac
Ash Thwart (Oiled)
Ash Yoke (Oiled)
Sale price£24.95
Ash Yoke (Oiled)Enigma Canoes
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Astral Blue JacketAstral Blue Jacket
Sale price£193.50 Regular price£215.00
Astral Blue JacketAstral
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Astral Green JacketAstral Green Jacket
Sale price£234.00 Regular price£260.00
Astral Green JacketAstral
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The Astral Serpent 2.0 Whitewater Rescue Buoyancy aid in classic Amber yellowA 'Big Blue Water' Astral Serpent 2.0 Whitewater Rescue Buoyancy Aid
Sale price£155.00 Regular price£175.00
Astral Serpent 2Astral
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Astral V-Eight buoyancy aid shown in Ocean BlueAn orange Astral V-eight buoyancy aid
Sale price£135.00
Astral V-EightAstral
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Beaver Osprey Reel with 80m of Line
Beluga Security Cable Lock
Bow / Stern Webbed Canoe Seat (Oiled)
Canoe Motor Mount
Sale price£59.95
Canoe Motor MountEnigma Canoes
Centre Webbed Canoe Seat (Oiled)
CSG Roof Rack Pads
Sale priceFrom £14.95
CSG Roof Rack PadsCanoe Shops UK
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CSG Roof Rack Straps
Sale priceFrom £11.95
CSG Roof Rack StrapsCanoe Shops UK
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Dagger AxiomDagger Axiom in Red available in all sizes from Canoes Shops UK
Sale priceFrom £519.00 Regular price£799.00
Dagger AxiomDagger Kayaks
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Blue Dagger Axis Touring KayaksRed Axis 10.5 Touring Kayaks by Dagger Europe
Sale price£869.00
Dagger Axis E 10.5Dagger Kayaks
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Dagger Code Action Plus in Red available in all sizes from Canoe Shops UKDagger Code Action Plus in Lime available in all sizes