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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
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Riot Quest 9.5 in Blue / White Available from Canoes Shops Group online or in storeRiot Quest 9.5 super stable and ideal for beginners
Sale price£299.00 Regular price£479.00
Riot Quest 9.5Riot Kayaks
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Riot Quest 10HVRiot Quest 10 HV super stable touring kayak available from Canoe Shops Group online or in store
Sale price£349.00 Regular price£549.00
Riot Quest 10HVRiot Kayaks
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Riot Bayside 12 LVRiot Bayside 12 LV
Sale price£599.00 Regular price£749.00
Riot Bayside 12 LVRiot Kayaks
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Old Town Heron 9 XT Touring kayakOld Town Heron 9XT Compact & lightweight touring kayak
Sale price£629.00 Regular price£699.00
Old Town Heron 9 XTOld Town Canoes
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Main view of the Riot Bayside TandemTop view of the Riot Kayaks Bayside Tandem in Blue/White
Sale price£799.00 Regular price£899.00
Riot Bayside TandemRiot Kayaks
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Old Town Sorrento 106 Touring kayak with drop down skeg Comfotable and stable touring kayak by old town
Sale price£999.00 Regular price£1,099.00
Old Town Sorrento 106 SKOld Town Canoes
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Perception Prodigy 2Perception Prodigy 2
Sale price£1,079.00 Regular price£1,199.00
Perception Prodigy 2Perception Kayaks
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Old Town Sorrento 126 Touring kayak for saleComfortable Touring kayak by Old Town
Sale price£1,099.00 Regular price£1,199.00
Old Town Sorrento 126 SKOld Town Canoes
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