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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
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Sevylor Madison Inflatable kayak available in-store or online from Canoes Shops UKCross section schematic of the Madison showing construction design
Sale priceFrom £349.00 Regular price£499.00
Sevylor MadisonSevylor
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Gumotex Twist 1 Inflatable Kayak in Lime available from Canoe Shops UKGumotex Twist 1 Inflatable Kayak in Red available from Canoe Shops UK
Sale price£399.00 Regular price£549.00
Gumotex Twist 1Gumotex
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Gumotex Twist N2 Inflatable Kayaks - Lightweight and easy to paddleGumotex Twist 2 tandem inflatable kayaks - made from Nitrilon material for high strength and durability
Sale price£579.00 Regular price£699.00
Gumotex Twist N2Gumotex
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Gumotex Safari Inflatable Kayak - Self Bailing Design for paddling in rapidsGumotex Safari showing interior layout
Sale price£749.00 Regular price£849.00
Gumotex Safari 330Gumotex
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Gumotex Swing 1 Inflatable Kayak in Lime Gumotex Swing 1 Inflatable kayak in Red
Sale price£749.00 Regular price£829.00
Gumotex Swing 1Gumotex
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Gumotex Swing 2 Tandem Inflatable kayak in LimeGUmotex Swing 2 Tandem Inflatable kayak In Red
Sale priceFrom £764.15 Regular price£1,049.00
Gumotex Swing 2Gumotex
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Gumotex Inflatable Solar Tandem Kayak in Red, made from strong and durable Nitrilon materialGumotex Solar Inflatable Kayak in Lime - popular for family kayaking holidays
Sale price£799.00 Regular price£999.00
Gumotex SolarGumotex
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Gumotex Seawave Standard and Set package comparisonGumotex Seawave being paddled with three person configuration
Sale priceFrom £999.00 Regular price£1,399.00
Gumotex SeawaveGumotex
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Gumotex Thaya Tandem Inflatable kayak with Drop Stitch floor and seats available from Canoe Shops UK online or in-storeGumotex Thaya
Sale price£1,049.00 Regular price£1,349.00
Gumotex ThayaGumotex
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Gumotex HalibutGumotex Halibut
Sale price£1,099.00 Regular price£1,229.00
Gumotex HalibutGumotex
Gumotex Framura showing fixed deck cover with bungees and cargo netGumotex Framura showing zip access points, cockpit opening and seat
Sale price£1,199.00
Gumotex FramuraGumotex
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Gumotex RushGumotex Rush
Sale price£1,249.00 Regular price£1,369.00
Gumotex RushGumotex
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Gumotex Rush 2Gumotex Rush 2
Sale price£1,649.00 Regular price£1,949.00
Gumotex Rush 2Gumotex

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