Fishing Kayak Reviews

Fishing kayaks are the perfect way to get to your favourite marks. Near-silent craft which do little to disturb your catch offer a great platform on which to store equipment, rods, bait and whatever you pull from the water. There are many manufacturers producing kayaks specifically for fishing and each have unique features and design. We have reviewed some of the most popular models available

RTM Tempo Angler

The Tempo is designed as a fast fishing and touring kayak capable of
handling more challenging conditions. Those looking for a more capable
Sit on top, look no further!

RTM Tempo Review

Viking Kayaks Profish 400

Excellent performance and plenty of features all in a lightweight and stable 13ft hull design. A superb all-round fishing kayak!

Viking Kayaks Profish 400 Review

Viking Kayaks Profish Reload

A top performing saltwater fishing kayak with stacks of features including the innovative Tackle-Pod system.

Viking Profish Reload Review

Gumotex Halibut

An inflatable kayak designed for fishing that packs down into a
backpack for easy storage and transportation. Great for calm/sheltered waters with plenty of features for fishing.

Gumotex Halibut Review