Badger Badgertail Paddle

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With a general-purpose beavertail shape, the Badger BadgerTail is a powerful blade, popular for its versatility and easy to use shape – working effectively in shallow waters.

With a similar blade to the Badger Tripper the BadgerTail has a lower distribution of the paddle faces volume, allowing for increased leverage particularly in shallower waters as you can use a wider section of paddle to propel the canoe. Constructed of a hardwearing Cherrywood, the paddle has a wonderful weight in the hand.

The unmistakable craftmanship which goes into every Badger Paddle is immediate evident on the BadgerTail. A signature hand shaped transitional ridge between the shaft and blade gives a strong backbone traveling deep into the paddle blade, this dihedral ridge lends itself to a smoother paddle stroke by giving the water a direction to flow around the blade. It also has the benefit of allowing the paddle to taper to a more defined edge and gives a more flowing paddle stroke.

With an oiled finish, the BadgerTail is not going to chip or scratch, as you find with varnished paddles, and can be easily re-oiled with Badger Wood Oil. A free paddle sock will also minimise scratches and knocks in transport and storage.

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