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The premium paddle from the Enigma Paddles range, the Code Carbon Foam Core represents the highest level of performance from a paddle with little compromise. A mid-sized, high angle, full carbon paddle with adjustable length from 210cm-220cm and an infinite choice of angles means that this paddle will suit paddlers of almost all heights and give a truly personal feel in your hands. The cranked shaft reduces fatigue and pressure onto your wrists with a lesser strain being placed upon them, as well as a more efficient stroke along the centre line.

The foam core provides additional buoyancy within the blades, this is designed to be as beneficial on every paddle stroke. with additional stability for support strokes or in unsettled aerated water. It also provides a lovely reassuring catch and exit on every paddle stroke with the blade wanting to release from the water for an assisted exit 'snap'. While rolling this foam core also results in the blade being less prone to diving and wants to sit on the water surface.

The mid-sized blade faces provide a fantastic compromise between power and stroke rate while placing lower stress against the paddlers shoulders.

The Code Carbon Foam Core comes with a moderate crank at the hand position and an ovalized shape along the shaft makes for increased comfort in your hands. An adjustable ferrule system is easy to use, hard wearing and corrosion resistant (although we would recommend rinsing it in fresh water after use in salt water to prevent the build up of salt crystals and any damage this may cause to the mechanism). This system is designed to be user friendly allowing for adjustments to the feather and length be made on the water, should conditions change or just to provide relief from repetitive movements. The length is adjustable from 210cm-220cm making it perfect for paddlers of different heights and for use in different kayaks. With a paddle bag included this offers the best protection for transportation and storage.

These paddles are suitable for sea kayaking, inland touring or kayak angling and offer a premium performance paddle at a reasonable price. The full carbon nature gives them incredible strength to weight ratio and make for a super lightweight paddle with maximum durability and minimal flex on every stroke.


  • Mid-sized blade for mid and high angle paddle styles
  • Carbon Foam-Core Blades
  • Neutral Bent Crank Carbon shaft with ovalised grip sections
  • Infinite feathering adjustment
  • 210cm - 220cm length adjustment
  • Dihedral Blade Design
  • Corrosion resistant plastic adjustment clamp
  • Drip Rings
  • Includes a padded paddle bag


  • Surface Area: 685 sq cm
  • Carbon Foam Core Blade Weight: Approx. 740g
  • Crank Shaft Lengths: Adjustable, 210cm-220cm

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