Feelfree Go Pack

Size: 30L
Colour: Black
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A stylish multifunctional waterproof backpack with a difference. It is designed to function as a Dry Bag keeping your gear dry on the water or when at the beach, hiking etc. but Feelfree came up with the innovative idea of adding a small drain bung so it will also serve as a wet bag. Simply stuff your wet gear inside, open the drain bung and let the excess water drain out, then close off the drain before you load it into your vehicle. This makes the Go Pack great for use as a beach bag and swim bag!

Another useful function is to pack the bag with your kit, then squeeze the air out before closing the drain valve. You can pack more kit bags into limited space if you expel the air in the bags first.

The detachable backpack straps are also useful - if you are just going a short distance from car to kayak, then you don't need the straps flapping around on your deck or taking up more room inside a hatch. If you are doing a trip that involves portages, you can clip them on when required and stow them back in the bag before you get back on the water. 


  • Drain valve to remove access water or to remove air allowing it to be packed down flat

  • PVC tarpaulin with high frequency welded seams

  • Strap system for storing extra items

  • Adjustable backpack straps

  • Removable straps


  • Height: 44cm

  • Depth: 29cm

  • Width: 27cm

  • Weight: 0.94kg


  • Height: 54cm

  • Depth: 31cm

  • Width: 29cm

  • Weight: 0.96kg

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