Swift Canoes Cruiser 14.8

Material: Kevlar Fusion - Carbon Kevlar Trim
Color: Ruby/Champagne
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Swift Canoes most successful and best sell Pack Boat the Cruiser 14.8 is the perfect blend of tracking and manoeuvrability while also being versatile and well suited for a range of paddling types and water bodies.

Much like the shorter Pack 12.6 the Cruiser 14.8 is at its core a pack boat, making it easily paddled with a double-ended kayak paddle, although a traditional single-bladed canoe can also be used if preferred. With an incredibly sleek hull shape the Cruiser 14.8 paddles similarly to a closed cockpit touring kayak although considerably lighter and easier to get into. The Cruiser 14.8 retains a low centre of gravity due to the extremely comfortable padded Pack-Seat. This well-padded carbon seat offers adjustable lumbar support and tilt adjustment for optimum comfort gives an exceptional relaxed paddling position perfect for cruising along on days out on the water. Fitted with adjustable sliding kayak style footpegs and twin cherry thwarts for strength and rigidity the Cruiser 14.8 is a beautifully finished canoe.

At it’s core the Cruiser 14.8 is a performance canoe, it’s unique hull shape results in a boat which tracks exceptionally in a straight line, without sacrifice on speed or comfort. The use of S-gunwales creates a narrower top of the boat, with a much greater tumblehome, particularly noteable through the paddling point to provide premium water access (much like on a racing canoe) creating a much more efficient paddling style, this combined with low rounded chines make the Cruiser comfortable in wind and waves and the hull shape encourages more side waves to roll underneath with little effect on the canoe. With a greater Bow rocker than found on the stern the canoe will track effortlessly and allow more fore waves to be deflected away from the boat, especially in conjunction with the S-Gunwales. This shape also allows the Cruiser to perform well in choppier and windier conditions and despite its moderate length it turns surprisingly quickly, especially when leaned over, and with the decent stability you can find that more control can be gathered by small adjustments with your body.

Weighing in under 12kg for the Kevlar Fusion layup the Cruiser 14.8 is extremely lightweight. Making it easy to car top or portage around obstacles and easier to get out on the water. Perfect for a wide range of UK waterways, with a mid-range volume combining in beautiful sync with forward speed making it fantastic to use for overnight adventures. The Kevlar Fusion construction is used for the best strength to weight ratio and remains Swifts most popular composite construction. Formed of layers of polyester and S-Glass with Kevlar cloth layers sandwiching a highly durable foam cored ribbing system. This particular laminate is fused together with a high impact and flexible urethane acrylate resin system, this produces optimal dispersion when injected at high pressure and gives an extremely consistent high-quality finish. The Kevlar Fusion also offers great abrasion and impact resistance.

This stunning looking Cruiser 14.8 is as close to maintenance free as possible meaning this super lightweight canoe is a pleasure to use on and off the water. Custom orders on all Swift Canoes is possible and if you are interested in building your dream canoe we would recommend speaking to the specialist teams at either Norfolk Canoes or Manchester Canoes who will be more than happy to help.


  • Bow & Stern Cherry Wood Carry Handles
  • Built In Buoyancy Tanks Bow & Stern
  • Swift Canoes Adjustable Pack Seat
  • Asymmetrical Hull Shape
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Carbon Seat Base
  • Padded Seatback With Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Kayak Style Foot Braces
  • Carbon End Caps
  • Black & Gold Carbon Kevlar Trim
  • Kevlar Fusion Laminate Construction
  • Cherry wood interior trim and finishes


  • Length: 14' 8"
  • Gunwale Width: 23.5"
  • Maximum Width: 27.5"
  • Centre Depth: 11"
  • Bow Rocker: 2"
  • Stern Rocker: 1"
  • Weight of a fitted-out Cruiser 14.8 in Kevlar Fusion with Carbon/Kevlar Gunnels: 26lbs/11.8kg
  • Optimum Load Range: 64kg-127KG (140 - 280 lbs)

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