Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

Material: Kevlar Fusion - Carbon Kevlar Trim
Color: Ruby/Champagne
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The Swift Pack 13.8 is among the smallest and lightest boat in the Swift range, indeed it is one of the lightest canoes available. This canoe, with outstanding pedigree, is a hybrid between a traditional canoe shape but featuring a specifically designed carbon kayak style seat. This remarkable, ultra lightweight canoe can be paddled in multiple ways and suits a range of paddlers.

The Pack 13.8 is an excellent canoe, and comes outfitted with beautiful attention to detail, as seen across the range from Swift Canoes. With a supremely comfortable seating system, the Pack Boat Seat base is constructed of a strong carbon composite seat, covered in thick comfortable padding and featuring an adjustable lumbar support and a tilt adjustment for the rear of the seat, the Pack 13.8 can be made to feel like it was designed exclusively for you. Fitted with adjustable kayak style footpegs the paddler is able to not slip in the boat and can keep the canoe moving along at a comfortable pace. As standard, it is completed with two cherry thwarts, to give it strength and rigidity, and dual cherry wood carry-handles, in addition integrated buoyancy chambers prevent it from sinking, should the worst arise…

Swift Canoes have a range of excellent lightweight materials and top-quality trims options, the Kevlar Fusion material is the most popular. Offering exceptional strength to weight ratio, the Kevlar Fusion is based on an urethane resin system for top durability and longevity along with a thin layer of exterior gel coat. Constructed of an exterior layer of polyester as well as S-Glass and kevlar cloth layers sandwiching a durable foam cored ribbing system. The laminate fused together with a high impact and flexible urethane acrylate resin system injected during the high pressure infusion process produces an optimal dispersion and laminate consistency. Based on a laminate material construction, Kevlar Fusion is a popular material as it offers great abrasion and impact resistance. The Black and Gold Carbon Kevlar gunwales are fused to the hull itself for a lighter finish and showcase even more impressive technology and craftsmanship being applied.

Designed to be stable, efficient while suiting an average to smaller sized paddler. It is an extremely ultra-lightweight day paddling boat, weighing under 11kg (10.8kgs), perfect for users looking to enjoy time out on the water with very little worries about how to transport the canoe with it being so light.


  • Carbon Kevlar Outfitting
  • Cherry Wood Thwarts and Carry Handles
  • Built-In Buoyancy Chambers at Either End.
  • Carbon Pack Seat
  • High Back Seat with Lumbar Support
  • Well Padded Seat
  • Kayak Foot Braces
  • Two-tone colour scheme
  • Asymmetric Hull Shape


  • Length: 13'8"
  • Gunwale Width: 24.5"
  • Maximum Width: 28.5"
  • Centre Depth: 11.5"
  • Bow Rocker: 2"
  • Stern Rocker: 1"
  • Weight of a fitted-out Pack 12.6 in Kevlar Fusion with Carbon/Kevlar Gunwales: 26 lbs / 11.9kg
  • Optimum Load Range: 63 kg-127 kg / 140 - 279 lbs

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