Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit

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Bixpy are now on their third generation of their renowned jet propulsion system for use on personal watercraft.

The Bixpy K-1 Angler Pro Outboard Kit combines the K-1 Motor with the larger PP-768 Outboard Battery. Aimed at fisherman or power intensive users, the PP-768 Outboard Battery is designed to be more rugged and higher capacity than the standard PP-738 Battery.

With the correct adapters, the 11.7 kg PP-738 battery can power your fish finder, action cam and motor system. Meaning you only need one battery out on the water, which can provide power to you all day. Bixpy offer a wide range of adapters, both universal and model specific, meaning that you can fit the Bixpy K-1 Motor to pretty much any small watercraft!

The battery is controlled via a wireless, waterproof and buoyant remote, allowing control of your kayak wherever the motor is mounted on your craft. The Bixpy Battery also comes fitted with a magnetic floating kill cord designed to stop the motor if the user falls overboard. Super Sturdy Aluminium shell treated for UV protection, sealed, dirt proof and saltwater resistant.

The NEW Bixpy K-1 Motor is smaller than its predecessor, making it even easier to fit onto more types of watercraft. The K-1 Motor is also mainly aluminium to increase its durability and strength while staying compact and lightweight with increased output over the previous two models.

Through the use of a highly optimised impeller jet system, the Bixpy K-1 Motor makes the most of the limited space on a personal watercraft while minimizing drag, cavitation, and other conventional issues found with under craft-mounted motor systems.

For more information on the motor, or if you are looking for a lighter alternative, check out the standard Bixpy K-1 outboard kit

  • Runs for approximately 2.5hrs minutes at top speed and up to 22 hours at slower speeds continuously.
  • Warp Speed (Double push forwards to hit full speed)
  • Standard sized rails along the battery
  • Operates via wireless remote control with 13 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds
  • Waterproof and dirt-proof with corrosion-resistant components
  • Remote control floats in case of accidental slippage
  • Built in wire harness with 1.5 m (5') power cable included for hassle-free connection to your adapter
  • Powered by a rechargeable 25.6 V lithium Iron Phosphate battery core (768Wh)

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