Dagger Rewind Creek

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The Dagger Rewind has been designed to put the fun back into paddling, allowing and encouraging paddlers to play the river while still having sufficient capability of handling the biggest white water. Created to be suitable for all abilities and handle everything from Grade 1 all the way through to Grade 5 the Rewind is a boat which can suitably river run, down river play or huck off stomping drops. Based on a modern twist on the classic Dagger Axiom, the Rewind features a low profile, slalom inspired, stern with a planning hull, aggressive rocker and high volume bow (influenced by the Dagger Phantom). This comes together in an extremely agile, playful, downriver freestyle kayak.

The reason behind the Rewinds versatility for both beginners and experts is down to the hull design. The stern shape allows you to really feel the water while ferry gliding and crossing eddy lines and helps build confidence, particularly with developing skills like rolling. You could happily take this down your local classic run and spend the day maximising the rocker boofing over pour overs or vertically squirting along eddy lines or splatting against rocks in ways that a traditional creeker just isn't able to do. But the higher volume bow keeps speed high and tackles getting away from bigger features on harder water. The nimble hull makes this boat fantastic for pushing your boundaries and regardless of the difficulty, this means that if you are peeling out of an eddy and ready to send it over a waterfall, regardless of height, you are able to make subtle adjustments to get your line dialled down.

Coming with Dagger's ContourErgo Creek outfitting, the Dagger Rewind ensures that you are not only comfortable but also fully connected and secured in the boat, a fantastic feature for learning to roll in. A fully ratcheted back band and leg lifter under seat allow for a comfortable seated position and can allow the kayak to really feel like an extension of yourself with full control from both your paddle, legs and core to throw the Rewind around. A full bulkhead foot plate and solid step out pillar offer excellent safety and four anodised aluminium handles make recovering the boat easier should the worst have happened.

Overall the Dagger Rewind is a great boat, appropriate for users of all skill levels, however in the hands of a paddler looking to make their time on the water more interesting with something more playful and agile it comes into its own. The shape of the hull is almost guaranteed to make you paddle with an ear to ear grin as you spend the day stern squirting, rock splatting and carving it up on waves and generally playing on those river features which would normally go untouched.

Key Features

  • The ultimate downriver play boat
  • Great for whitewater paddlers of all abilities
  • Designed for Class I-V rivers
  • Ample bow volume and rocker for rapid resurfacing and maintaining speed after drops
  • Low volume stern for play
  • Roto-molded seat with Contour Ergo outfitting for ultimate connection to boat
  • Ratcheting leg-lifter & backband adjustments for added comfort and control
  • Step out wall for added safety
  • Adjustable, comfortable thigh-braces & bulkhead footbrace with foam padding
  • Security grab handles



Rewind SM

  • Length: 8' 4" / 254 CM
  • Width: 24.5" / 62.2 CM
  • Boat Weight: 40 LBS. / 18 KG
  • Deck Height: 12.25" / 31.1 CM
  • Cockpit Length: 34" / 86 CM
  • Cockpit Width: 19" / 48 CM
  • Volume: 55 GAL / 208 L
  • Paddler Weight: 100 - 160 LBS. / 45 - 73 KG
  • Spraydeck size R4 / Keyhole

 Rewind MD

  • Length: 8' 9" / 266.7 CM
  • Width: 25.5" / 64.8 CM
  • Boat Weight: 43 LBS. / 19.5 KG
  • Cockpit Length: 34" / 86 CM
  • Cockpit Width: 19" / 48 CM
  • Volume: 67 GAL / 254 L
  • Paddler Weight: 140 - 220 LBS. / 63.5 - 99.8 KG
  • Spraydeck size R4 / Keyhole

Rewind LG

  • Length: 9' 4" / 284.5 CM
  • Width: 27" / 68.6 CM
  • Boat Weight: 49.5 LBS. / 22.5 KG
  • Cockpit Length: 34" / 86 CM
  • Cockpit Width: 19" / 48 CM
  • Volume: 76 GAL / 288 L
  • Paddler Weight: 180 - 260 LBS. / 81.6 - 118 KG
  • Spraydeck size R4 / Keyhole

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