Gumotex Swing 2

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The Gumotex Swing 2 is a tandem inflatable kayak with a non-removable deck for extra weather protection and increased hull rigidity. With its generous length and width the Swing 2 is stable, roomy and ideal for rivers and lakes.

The Swing 2 is an enclosed cockpit tandem kayak from Gumotex. Made from tough Nitrilon fabric, it is both strong and light giving it a huge advantage over those inflatables that rely on an inner bladder to keep them airtight. This hyperlon based fabric does not soak up water but lets it bead off meaning the kayak dries quickly after use and can be folded into a more compact package for easier transportation and storage.

The Swing 2 includes a fixed deck which is supported by aluminium braces. This gives the kayak a great deal of rigidity which in turn allows for a more efficient paddle stroke and of course the deck protects both paddler and gear from the elements.  The plastic cockpit rings can take the optional Gumotex Zipped Sprayskirt for complete weather protection which extends the paddling season over a traditional open inflatable.  We would suggest that as the kayak is slightly harder to get into after a capsize than the open variety it is better suited to inland water such as lakes and rivers where there is easy access to bankside safety.

The Swing 2 has two zipped 'hatches' for easy gear stowage and comes with a drawstring bag for storage. There are very few inflatable tandem kayaks with a deck but the advantage is marked in terms of weight saving and easy storage when set against a traditional plastic version. The Swing 2 comes highly recommended, especially for those who find a traditional tandem Sit In just too large to manage.


  • Cockpit with zippers in the bow and stern
  • Kayak reinforcements
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Comfortable seat from PE foam with backrest
  • Rubber ropes for fixation of baggage
  • Grab handles for easy handling
  • Fixture for tracking fin
  • Tracking fin
  • Push-push valves
  • Valve wrench for Push-Push and overpressure valve
  • Safety relief valve in the bottom of the boat
  • Repair kit
  • Transport bag made from soft nylon


  • No. of Persons: 2
  • Length: 402cm
  • Width: 87cm
  • Weight: 14.1kg
  • Capacity: 220kg
  • Pack Size: 69 x 39 x 24cm
  • Material: Nitrilon®

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