Norse IDUN

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Color: Red/White
Material: Fibreglass
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The Norse Idun is a lower volume version of the Norse Bylgja, being a little shorter and narrower the Idun is a playful and versatile kayak ideal for lighter weight paddlers. With a Greenland inspired designed the Idun is ideal for ocean play and still has the carrying capacity for multi-day trips. There is plenty of stability for anyone making their first move to a longer sea kayak, however there is also a level of responsiveness to the sea which will keep expert paddlers smiling.

With a fine V hull at bow and stern it cuts through water with ease and, being a light weight build, is very efficient to paddle so is capable of covering long distances in a wide range of conditions. At home on flat water it really comes into its own when playing in lively sea conditions. Unlike many hard chine kayaks you will find that edging over onto the chines is smooth and confidence inspiring. The V hull profile flattens in the central section under the cockpit which provides great stability and enough lift to carry you over larger waves when paddling into them. When travelling downwind you will feel it start planning to give you some great rides with very little paddling effort. With its well-defined rails you will appreciate the precision of this hull when paddling through choppy waters, negotiating rocky shorelines or surfing.

Advanced paddlers will find this kayak to be predictable, responsive and well able to cope with complex sea conditions. These characteristics reflect the Norse heritage - The Idun is designed to cope with seas which are often like glass high up in the fjords but which can be wild on the more open coastlines and in amongst the islands of Norway. It is very much suitable for paddling all waters around the UK.

Paddling the Idun without the skeg is fine in most conditions however if you are out in windy conditions the skeg has a significant impact as far as countering any weathercocking and keeping you locked onto course. The 10 inch skeg will only rarely need to be fully deployed apart from on extremely windy days.

As with all Norse sea kayaks the Idun's hull is reinforced with aramid all the way through her keel and the rails between the chines have the same reinforcing, so this boat has great rigidity in all builds.

There are three bulkheads and access to the storage areas is very good with large oval bow and stern hatches making loading a trolley or camping kit very easy. There is a readily accessible round day hatch just behind the cockpit for storing items such as a cagoule, hat, paddling snacks etc. There is also a convenient small hatch in front of the cockpit which gives access to a mesh bag which is ideal for stowing small bits and bobs you need while paddling.

The rear deck has bungee lines designed for a ‘norsaq’ (reflecting the Greenland influence) however you can also use this for storing a pair of spare split deck paddles. The cockpit is designed for easy entry when wet launching / exiting and works well should you ever need to self rescue too. The top of the bulkhead wall behind the seat finishes close to the cockpit rim and is designed to make emptying any water out very easy during a self, or assisted, rescue.

If you have any questions about this kayak please feel free to give us a call - many of our staff have paddled the Norse kayaks extensively and will be able to give you the paddler perspective.

FULL REVIEW: Read our review of the Norse Idun by clicking here. 


  • Deck Lines & Bungees
  • Retractable Skeg System
  • Deck Compass Recess
  • V hull with gentle rocker, flatter bottomed mid section and hard chines.
  • Two main hatches fore and aft with generous storage bulkheads
  • Convenient small forward deck hatch - accessable whilst on the water
  • Meduim sized rear deck hatch and third bulkhead also accessible while paddling
  • Constructed From Vacuum Bagged Fibreglass Composite, reinforced with aramid along the keel & chines
  • Available in both Fibreglass and Carbon construction


  • Length: 15'11 / 485 CM
  • Width: 21.26 Inches / 54 CM
  • Fibreglass Construction Weight: 50.7LB / 23 KG
  • Carbon Construction Weight: 44.1LB / 20 KG
  • Cockpit: 84cm x 45cm - R4 / Keyhole
  • Manufacturer's Paddler Weight Range: 40-80 KG
  • Sprayskirt - R5 / Bigdeck (easy fit) R4 / Keyhole (tight fit)

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