Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3

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The Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3 is a canoe capable of handling almost any water environment the UK has to offer. Versatile to be perfectly suited for calm coastal conditions, all the way through to classic white water. The Prospector 17 will be a comforting companion on a wide range of adventures.

The Prospector 17 ticks the box if you are looking for a canoe designed to take the family, the dog and enough supplies for multiple days on the water.

The Nova Craft Prospector 17 is the longest plastic boat from Nova Craft and is really well suited for families looking to get out on the water, although in the right hands with some practice, it can be paddled solo with excellent results. Supplied with two wood-webbed seats, deep yoke, thwart (for extra strength) and carry handles at either end the Prospector is comfortable to carry between two but we would recommend the use of a canoe trolley if you are regularly carrying it on your own or for any distance as it is not a lightweight canoe.

Designed in Canada for month-long expeditions in places like the Yukon and Canadian Arctic the Prospector 17 certainly has the pedigree for being a boat to handle it all, and let you take everything with you (544kg capacity). Nova Craft have been making canoes since the 1970s and the culmination of development and improved materials can be showcased in this incredible canoe. The SP3 Plastic from Nova Craft, is a roto-moulded polyethylene canoe, designed to be as hard wearing as possible. With a solid plastic out and inner layer surrounding a foam core, with a honeycomb esk design, the boat is always rigid and nearly impossible to sink (even without airbags thanks to the multiple micro pockets of air trapped inside the foam layer).

A traditional Canadian shape has forgiving lines and a slight rocker making this a surprisingly manoeuvrable boat, especially considering its long length and notable weight (44.9kg). This shape also lends itself to some impressive primary stability and even more so secondary stability (the stability when moving forward) so beginners can really get a feel for it out on the water. Similarly to the smaller Prospector 15 and 16, the self-righting aspect becomes more apparent as your experience increases and will let your confidence grow.

The extensive volume allows for maximum gear to be transported and can really let you get out into the wilderness with all the home comforts you wish to carry.

Whilst the Prospector 17 is more than capable on calm water, with a good top speed and surprising tracking (given its rounded hull shape), the Prospector 17 really comes into its own in moving water. While paddling through waves and rapids the high sides help keep you drier and the SP3 material is the strongest available for white water rivers. All round an excellent family canoe which can be taken anywhere and a joy to paddle.


  • SP3 Roto-moulded triple layer polyethylene plastic construction. 
  • Reinforced vinyl gunwales with rotomoulded end deck plates as standard trim.
  • Wood/webbed seats or plastic seats
  • Ash carry handles at bow and stern.
  • Deluxe sculpted ash centre yoke (In our opinion the best standard fit canoe yoke on the market), shaped to spread the weight across your shoulders evenly and it has even got a small notch for the small bone in your neck.
  • Shallow arch shaped hull gives initial stability whilst a moderate rocker allows good manoeuvrability.
  • Manufactured in Canada


  • Length – 17ft / 518cm
  • Width – 36in / 91.4cm
  • Bow Depth – 23in / 58.5cm
  • Centre Depth – 14.5in / 38cm
  • Stern Depth – 23in / 58.5cm
  • Rocker – 2in / 5cm
  • Weight – 99lbs / 45kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 1200lbs / 545kg


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