Swift Canoes Prospector 14

Material: Kevlar Fusion - Carbon Kevlar Trim
Color: Emerald/Champagne
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The Swift Canoes Prospector 14 is a solo canoe which is easy to paddle and ultra-light-weight. Ideally suited for paddlers of all sizes with amble room and a good carrying capacity (a stable of the Prospector shape irrespective of size) allowing it to be laden up and go away for multi-day trips or extended expeditions.

With more rounded chines than a traditional Prospector and with a lot of tumblehome, this solo canoe can be heeled right over until the gunwale is almost in the water (with experience and skill) allowing it to be exceptionally agile. This agility combined with the shorter length results in an exceptionally nimble canoe, although will be a bit slower over distance compared to longer and narrower crafts.

Finished in high-quality outfitting, the Swift Prospector 14 features a beautiful contoured Cherry Wood webbed seat, complimenting the Cherry carry handles at both bow and stern. The seat is in the balance point of the canoe, an optimum position for solo use easy to trim the canoe well from this position. The slight dipping to the front of the seat makes it comfortable for paddling, regardless of seated or kneeling (or indeed a combination of both). With two thwarts for strength and stiffness, there is no shortage of attention to detail not only in the design and construction but in the finishing outfitting too.

The Prospector 14, like all UK specification Swift Canoes, is constructed of Swifts most popular laminate, Kevlar Fusion. This offers the best strength to weight ratio and certainly allows for the Prospector 14 to be classed as lightweight at only 13.1kgs (other custom laminates may affect this weight, speak to one of our specialist stores with any questions in this area). The Kevlar Fusion is constructed of an exterior layer of polyester and laminates of S-Glass and Kevlar cloths surrounding a durable foam cored ribbing system. These are finished with urethane resin system and a high-quality gel-coat which gives a vibrant exterior while also offering great resistance to abrasion and impacts. The gunwales are bonded to the hull via Swifts unique and propriety infusion process making the Prospector 14 maintenance free, lighter and stronger than other solo canoes.

Perfect for canoeist looking to undertake trips, fish from or partake in photography the Prospector 14 is a great all rounder for solo use. Best for moving water where the agility shows through, but still capable of handling still conditions, this ultra-lightweight canoe is a fantastic all-rounder.

Available with a huge number of customisations from construction materials through to trim and finishes the Prospector 14 can also be ordered as a “Pack Boat” with a lower seat and designed to be paddled with a double ended kayak paddle rather than the traditional single bladed canoe paddle, please contact the UK’s specialist Swift stores, Manchester Canoes or Norfolk Canoes if you have any queries or wish to discuss custom boats in more detail.


  • 1x Cherry contoured, webbed seat.
  • Built-in buoyancy chambers (at either end)
  • Bow and Stern carry handles in Cherrywood
  • 2x Cherry Thwarts
  • Kevlar Fusion hull material.


  • Length: 14'
  • Gunwale Width: 28"
  • Maximum Width: 32"
  • Waterline Width: 28"
  • Centre Depth: 12.5"
  • Bow Height: 19.5"
  • Stern Height: 19.5"
  • Bow Rocker: 1"
  • Stern Rocker: 1"
  • Weight of a fitted-out Prospector 14 in Kevlar Fusion with Carbon/Kevlar Gunwales: 29lbs/13.1kg
  • Optimum Load Range: 68kg-181KG (150-400 lbs)

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