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The Feelfree Gemini Sport is one of the most popular Tandem Sit On Top Kayaks in the UK. The Gemini is a fun, easy to paddle tandem family kayak that is ideal for couples, families and friends to get out kayaking. It can be paddled tandem, as a 2+1 (with a junior passenger in the centre) or solo from the slightly raised central seat and additional foot braces. The Gemini is a stable and efficient kayak suitable for paddlers of all levels. With the optional Feelfree Deluxe Seats, available via the package deal, the Gemini offers excellent comfort.

This versatile kayak is suitable for everything from the local canal, large inland waters, gentle rivers through to gentle swells and surf on the coast. For better control in small surf it is advised to consider Feelfree Thigh Braces which provide better connectivity to the hull.

The modern hull design is forgiving and performs extremely well on the water, a relatively wide hull provides excellent stability. The V profile of the bow cuts through choppy waves nicely and with the long water line and extended keel shape it has excellent straight line tracking and good efficiency on the water.

Two moulded carry handles in the side of the kayak make it easier to handle the boat solo and are very useful on the water. Should you fancy a quick swim they make it easier to climb back aboard and if anyone fancies snorkelling they can hold a handle while drifting along or while the kayak is being paddled by a buddy. There are also moulded bow and stern handles making it a breeze for two people to carry the kayak to the water.

The Gemini Sport comes with a "Wheel in the Keel" located at the rear, this makes getting out on the water even easier, just lift the front with the bow handle and pull it along. This is designed for firm surface use and excels on slipways, tow paths and garages to driveways. It is not intended for use on rough ground or sand and in these environments either carrying the kayak or using a trolley would be better. It is also worth noting that in order to prolong the life of the axle it is advised to wash off any dirt or rinse with fresh water after use in salt or brackish water. 

If you fancy a spot of fishing, you can purchase self-fit Flush Mounted Rod Holders to fit to dedicated positions behind the rear paddler. These will keep rods out of your way while you paddle or you can even troll a lure along behind you. If you are looking for a kayak with more room in the cockpit area to make life for a passenger more comfortable check out the slightly longer Feelfree Corona which also has the benefit of Flush Mounted Rod Holders pre-fitted as standard.

The Gemini Sport is available as a kayak only option or in two different packages:

Deluxe Package
This comes with 1 x Feelfree Gemini Sport + 2 x Feelfree Deluxe Seats and 2 x Feelfree Day Tourer Fibreglass Shaft Paddles. The Deluxe Seat wraps around the paddlers hips providing great back support and connection to the kayak, with good cushioning for all-day comfort. The fibreglass shaft paddle offers a nice lightweight option that is warm to the touch - a great option for all-day paddling.

Standard Package
This comes with 1 x Feelfree Gemini Sport + 2 x Canvas Seat and 2 x Feelfree Day Tourer Alloy Shaft Paddles. The Canvas Seat is a low-style backrest for good lower back comfort. The alloy shaft paddle is a little heavier than the deluxe fibreglass paddles and will be colder to the touch in colder sessions, but overall a good quality paddle.

Key Features
  • 2 main seating positions with a 3rd seat in the centre for a child or solo paddling
  • Moulded carry handles on the sides, bow and stern.
  • Wheel in keel makes it easy to move around on firm ground
  • Self draining scupper holes
  • 2 storage hatches with mesh bags
  • 2 Paddle parks to store your paddles when not in use
  • Rear storage area with bungees
  • 2 recessed areas for fitting flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Made from MDPE Polyethylene


  • Length: 3.8 m / 12'6"
  • Width:  83 cm / 32.5"
  • Weight : 32 kg / 70.5 lbs
  • Recommended Carrying Capacity:  250 kg / 550 lbs

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