Wave Sport Scooter X

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Color: Citrus Twist
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The Wavesport Scooter X kayak is the latest version of one of the most popular sit on top kayaks in the UK. With its sleek lines it cuts through the water efficiently and is a great choice for anyone looking for a do it all Sit on Top. The exceptional stability and user friendly predictable handling means you need look no further for a versatile kayak to suit beginners or more advanced paddlers alike.

A superb all-rounder it has great stability, straight line tracking and excellent manoeuvrability due to the innovative hull design. An upswept bow with a soft underhull profile ensures it rides nicely through chop and surf as well as reducing the chance of purling when riding a wave. With gunwales that slope gently inwards the moulded side handles don't drag in the water like many sit on tops, this makes it more efficient to paddle and gives it great performance in the surf.

Optional thigh straps can be fitted, just slip them over your lower thigh round your knees and back across your shin area to increase your connectivity to the kayak and you will notice the improved control for techniques like edging to increase turning or to hold a line on the face of a wave. Simple flatten your legs and the thigh straps will release if you do need to exit the kayak.

The Scooter X has been updated for 2022, you will find a comfortable and supportive seat along with subtle changes to the hull design making it a little more rigid and sleeker than the previous versions. There are also tie down straps to keep a drinks bottle more firmly in place.

It is easy to manage off the water with moulded carry handles at the sides as well as the front and back. Car-topping the Scooter is easy and it can be carried hull up on a standard pair of roof bars. We recommend a set of roof bar pads or if carrying two you will find our range of padded upright bars or other carriers very useful.

Equally at home paddling on lakes and rivers or at the coast this UK moulded kayak is a popular choice for those wanting a sit on top kayak for touring, surf play and beach fun.

Made in the UK Made in the UK


  • Length: 295cm / 9'8"
  • Width: 75cm / 30"
  • Weight: 20kg / 44lbs
  • Max Capacity: 150kg / 331lbs

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