Nova Craft Prospector 15 - TuffStuff

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Material: TuffStuff Expedition
Color: Ox Blood
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Nova Craft Prospector 15 TuffStuff is a scaled down version of Nova Crafts Prospector shape, making it more responsive and lighter weight exceptionally designed for both solo paddling and with sufficient room for tandem use. The lightweight construction of TuffStuff makes for a canoe which is a gem to carry on your own and makes for easy to lift onto the roof of a vehicle.

The composite TuffStuff construction is an excellent choice for paddlers looking for a lightweight canoe for use on flat water, or deep moving water. The Prospector 15 TS represents an excellent boat for paddlers looking for a short tripping canoe, which is as nimble as possible for solo use but without limiting the tandem crew paddling. If you are looking for a canoe to take on longer excursions or experience increased stability while retaining the lightweight feel, we recommend the Nova Craft Prospector 16 TuffStuff.

The TuffStuff material is a composite fabric woven together from melted basalt rock and Innegra fibres and infused with high impact vinylester resin, results in a fantastic glossy looking gel coat covered canoe which is perfect for extended flatwater trips but with enough strength to handle some journeys off the beaten path.

The TuffStuff Expedition (TSE) is a more robust, heavier duty version of the TuffStuff layup. Excellently suited for extended trips into the wilderness and for occasional lower graded whitewater use. The TSE benefits from additional stiffening ribs for increased performance and increased impact resistance. For more frequent use on white water we would recommend looking at the super tough plastic Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3.

The shallow curved hull makes for excellent initial stability and great responsiveness, while the slight rocker allows for excellent agility. A well crafted bow eases the Prospector 15 to cut through the water, coupled with high sides from bow to stern for increased loading capacity and improved deflection of water to leave a drier ride than other canoes, even when breaking through bigger waves or rapids.

Outfitted with varnished ash woodwork throughout the Prospector 15 TuffStuff, comes with traditional bootlace seats perfectly comfortable for sitting on or perching against if paddling from the traditional kneeling position. An ergonomic deep yoke makes carrying as easy as possible, and the lightweight stature is friendly to carry for extended portages. Ash carrying handles at bow and stern makes for easy work to share the load between two.

From the proverbial home of canoeing in Canada, the Nova Craft Prospector 15 TuffStuff is faithful to the legacy which it comes with and pushes boundaries as to what a canoe can do.

Standard Features

Prospector 15 TuffStuff and TuffStuff Expedition:

  • Constructed from Nova Craft's lightweight TuffStuff composite materials.
  • 2 x Wooden boot-laced seats.
  • Wooden centre yoke.
  • Wooden bow & stern carry handles.
  • Symmetrical, shallow arched hull.
  • Moderate Rocker for manoeuvrability.


Prospector 15 TuffStuff & TuffStuff Expedition:

  • Length: 15" / 457cm
  • Width: 36" / 91.4cm
  • Weight: 50lb / 24.5kg (TuffStuff)
  • Weight: 56lb / 26.3kg (TuffStuff Expedition)
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 850 lbs / 386kg

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